Bill Miller Green Bean Recipe For Vegetarians

This is a delicious bill miller green bean recipe that will have your taste buds jumping for joy in no time. The best part of this bill miller green bean recipe is the simplicity. Bill Miller has been perfecting his green bean recipe for years now, and I have finally decided to share it with you. He is a chef who loves cooking vegetarian dishes, so this green bean recipe is perfect if that’s your thing too. It’s also gluten-free! This green beans recipe will be loved by vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Give it a try tonight!

Bill Miller Green Bean Recipe For Vegetarians

Green beans are a great substitute for many meat dishes.

This bill miller green bean recipe is gluten free, so it’s perfect if you have an intolerance to wheat or just want to try something new!

Give the bill miller green bean recipe a shot tonight. You won’t be disappointed with this vegetarian dish that can serve as both an appetizer or main course.

Bill Miller Green Bean Recipe For Vegetarians

Ingredients: (Serving 5 people)

  • 1/2 kg Green Beans chopped into small pieces.
  • 1 piece medium size yellow Onion chopped.
  • 1 whole – Garlic clove, Pressed
  • 2 Can crushed tomatoes
  • 2 cups of chicken broth/stock
  • Salt, to taste
  • Pepper, to taste

Total Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Process and Preparation

Add olive oil to a pan in medium heat, add green beans and cook for 20 minutes or until tender. Add sauce to the top of your green bean mixture, turn the stove down low and cover with Parmesan cheese on top. Serve! This goes great with meat dishes too! Enjoy cooking bill miller’s recipe tonight! Happy Cooking Bill Miller fans!!

Green Beans Nutrition

Green beans nutrition are rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and dietary fiber. They are also low in calories which make them a good choice for healthy eating.

  • 30 calories.
  • 0.60 grams (g) of fat.
  • 6.66 g of carbohydrate.
  • 2.9 g of fiber.
  • 1.99 g of sugar.
  • 1.40 g of protein.

Southern Style Green Beans with Bacon Recipe

Cut bacon into small pieces. Next, use a large pot to cook the bacon over medium heat.

Next, chop an onion and mince some garlic cloves. Add them to the pot with the bacon once it is cooked through.

At this point you can add some salt and pepper if you’d like – but I usually do not season until everything else has been added as well, so that I can get a feel for how salty it will be in the end! Let this continue to cook over medium heat while you cut your green beans into bite sized pieces. You could leave them whole if desired!

Add the green beans next, along with about 1/4 cup of water (use more or less depending on how much fat was in the bacon and how much you like your veggies to steam in that yummy bacon grease). Give it a good stir, and let them cook until they are tender.

Once cooked, add 1/4 cup of butter and about 1/2 cup of grated parmesan cheese (I always grate my own cheese!) Stir until melted! Enjoy! ** You could add meat if desired – such as ham or sausage. I’ve also used canned green beans instead of fresh when it is warm out, but fresh tastes so much better because they retain their flavor!

Bill miller stuffing Ingredients

1 box of nature’s harvest whole wheat bread cubes, 1 stick of butter (melted), 1 envelope of onion soup mix,  3 cups water (or more depending on how much stuffing you like)

-gather all ingredients – turn oven on to 350 degrees

-put bread cubes in the amount that you would like into a large bowl (I usually do not measure but go by eye)

-in another bowl mix together melted butter and onion soup mix (cut up the onion in the soup mix before adding if desired)

-pour sauce over bread cubes. Stir carefully to coat each piece with butter mixture. Place in baking dish. Pour 3 cups of water around edges until it just comes up to the top of the bread cubes.

-cover baking dish with foil and bake for 30 mins. After that remove foil, stir stuffing to make sure it’s cooking evenly, place back in oven for another 15 or until done! **this is a great recipe if you are having lots of people over!! It makes 2 x 9 x 13 pans full! I could never eat all of them when I made them both in one day so I’d freeze half in ziploc bags for later! That way I can pull one out whenever we need it – perfect when you want Thanksgiving dinner but don’t have time to spent all day getting it ready…or better yet – when you’ve had enough turkey dinners already 🙂