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I’m Avenue Sangma!  a full time, writer, blogger & also known as Brand Marketing Consultant. Fountainhead of jumtimes.com, Also travelling round the year in different places around the world.

At jumtimes

Our mission is to help different kind of people grow their business, health and life. This is why thousands of multi professionals in growing companies rely on jumtimes.com to acquire the different kind informative information they need to run and advance their businesses and building their success.

Back in 2008

I started doing blogging and suddenly I started loving it as well. During that time I was the person who never calculated the time to work, I started working and learning day and night, reason behind during that time I was single. Suddenly I left doing this due to the financial issue, then again this industry didn’t left me and I back again to work for this industry in early 2020.

I am a good reader, during that time; I can’t even calculate how much blog content I was trying to read every single day. I am passionate about it to read blogs and learning new things from different kind of bloggers like Darren Rowse, Neil Patel, and Brian Dean who people are recognized for Online Blogging.

I started doing Digital Marketing from last 8 years and Now I’m going game changing campaigns for different kind of companies to build their brands. I started to understand the blogging and online writings can make me to generate incomes, then I have dedicated myself to do blogging, writings more and more that can able to generate revenues and finally from May, 2021 I became a full time blogger in this industry.

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