Virtual Business Development

Virtual Business Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new frontier that allows for remote work, limited human interaction, and canceled travel. How can you keep operations running as normal as possible while minimizing the impact on clients? How can you maintain our relationships and grow our business? We live in a world that allows us to connect via the internet. It is an immense advantage. Here are some tips for virtual business development. You can get this virtually through habits, discipline, creativity, and a little grace.

Virtual Networking Means Virtual Business Development

It may seem like the days when you took a potential client out for lunch or played golf with them are gone. However, it is important to continue to use relationship-sales tactics in your business marketing growth strategy. HubSpot’s experts state that this means you need to prioritize your “connection with the client” over all aspects of the sale. You don’t have to use virtual networking to make business connections. You have to develop your own virtual business development strategy.

So, let’s foster your virtual business development with our mind-blowing tips.

Tips for Virtual Business Development

Stay in Touch Digitally

Are you still not using digital tools? Now is the best time to get started if your business has not yet used digital tools for engaging with customers or prospects. You can also review the results of your digital efforts, such as email marketing and social media marketing. Is your ad more successful on Facebook or LinkedIn than it is on LinkedIn? Are subject lines A and B performing better? Are they clicking the CTA on your website to get in touch with you? Find out their habits and ensure that you are investing in the right areas.

Make The Most of Your Extra Time

Many offices are closing, and many people now work remotely. We may find that you have more time than you used to commute. You can use this time to reach clients and develop your business.

Review Your Business Development Plan

Take the time to look at your business plan and to reassess or reassess your goals. Also, consider how to best work with current circumstances to achieve your goals. Are there areas where you can concentrate that don’t require meeting in person?

Focus on Client Experience

Most likely, your firm has already sent a mass mail to all clients. It contains information about what to expect of the firm during this time. Different companies send so many emails that it is easy to get lost in the noise. If you haven’t yet, you can take the time to get in touch with your clients and tell them what they want from you. Let your clients know if their contact point has changed or if they can continue to do business as usual.

Host a Virtual Experience You Audiences Will Never Forget

Today’s virtual world has almost endless possibilities. There are many options, from gourmet cooking classes to wine tastings at California’s wine country to tours of some of the most iconic museums in the world. First, think about what you and your clients might enjoy. Next, research the best venues and budgets. 

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Send anything you need for the event (such as a bottle of wine) and invite a small group to your special occasion. Keep it small to increase personal connections and reduce costs. You can conduct these types of experiences over Zoom. It means that no physical contact is required.

Look Out for Your Staff

It may seem old-fashioned to work from home, but many in your support team have never done so. They might feel lost and wonder what their job is like. Reach out and make sure you have the technical knowledge and understanding of the remote working systems used by your company. Make sure you give them feedback from time to time on how they are doing. Also, make sure they know you support and appreciate them.

Get Email And Direct Mail Opportunities

It depends on your audience if you consider emailing or a direct marketing campaign to get in touch. You can send three pieces of email or one long mail piece. Email is still a popular means to promote your brand as a thought leader. However, many organizations have found that email is the only way to reach prospects. It means that your prospects receive more emails than ever.

Direct mail may be a good way to stand out in an email sea of spammers. Direct mail can be a way for you to stand out among the rest and maybe get noticed by your prospects back at work. It can be an oversized card series, a unique branded postcard, or a gift card to Starbucks for a virtual espresso. It will set the stage for great conversations.

Think on Client Point of View

We are well aware of the negative impact COVID-19 has had on our business and each of our personal lives. What other challenges do you face during this time of change? You can use this time to reach out to your clients and conduct a client interview. It will allow you to learn more about their business and help them improve. You can also use this time to practice one of our favorite business development. If someone is listening, they are selling. If they are talking, they are buying.

Ask questions and listen. You might discover a way that you can help or know of someone to help. Do not stop there. Ask how they are handling the situation from their perspective. It will show them you care about their well-being and not only their business.

Make Personal Contact

The strategy of picking up the telephone or emailing isn’t obsolete. It is still extremely relevant today. Sometimes, it can make your business stand out against others who rely less on personal methods to expand their business pipeline.

Calling or emailing a prospect is a good idea. It can be too late. Send an article or ask about your client’s weekend at camp. It’s important to connect with your clients and keep them informed so they can build brand loyalty.

Connect The Dots

Right now, the expression “it takes all of us to build a village” has deep resonance. How can we support our neighbors in need right now? It is important to think about how you can help your neighbors. It is a great time to network and makes virtual introductions. Reach out directly to prospects and clients. Be authentic and don’t sell your services.

Think Outside The Box

It’s crucial to find creative ways for prospects to connect with you, as many trade shows have been canceled. It is a great time to create thought-leadership pieces or video strategies. It is innovative thinking that fills in the gaps. While some ideas may not work, you should not be afraid to try other ideas.

As with all business development efforts, it takes time to nurture and build relationships. If you notice that your lead generation process takes longer than expected, it might be time to review and adjust. You can track your successes to improve your process.

Update Your Companies Bio or LinkedIn Page and Experience

Reveal and update your bio on both your website and LinkedIn. Consider it from the client’s perspective. What additions or edits can you make to your experience list? Check your Experience. It is possible to make changes or create new transactions. Is it structured in a way that clients can understand what you do?

Stay Informed With The Latest News

Continue to keep up with the latest news throughout the day. It would help if you kept up to date with all the changes and how they affect your clients personally and professionally.

The Final Thought

Now is the time to look at a more robust strategy for virtual business development and growth. The long-term trends that have shaped the behavior of professional services buyers have been the foundation for this strategy, and the pandemic in 2021 has proven it to be necessary. It isn’t easy, but it is possible. Virtual business development can lead to greater growth and profits for your professional service firm.