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How to Choose a Toilet for a Small Bathroom?

Smaller bathrooms, in general, require toilets that consume less space. There are plenty of toilet options especially designed and suitable for small-sized bathrooms. Even at times, it can be difficult for you to choose the right one for the small bathroom in your home.

If you want to change the look of the small bathroom, it’s easy to do so by choosing a compatible, space-saving toilets. So, how to choose a toilets for a small bathroom? Finding the right toilet for your small bathroom. Because of having a small bathroom, some of the areas you may focus on are the dimensions, toilet type, design, flushing efficiency, and more.

Factors to Consider While Choosing A Toilet for a Small Bathroom

You should consider these factors to choose the perfect toilet. Let’s go through them and find the best fitted one for a tiny bathroom.  

Toilet Dimension

The first thing is to ensure that your toilet will fit in your little space. Although the average length of toilets needs to be around 12 to 14 inches, 12 inches too will be fine for your smaller bathroom. This will make sure that the process of installation goes smoothly and quickly.

Toilet Design

The height at which you set your toilet will directly affect how easy and accessible it is for the person using it. You can make a tall toilet by adding a raised seat or a toilet seat for people with disabilities to an existing toilet. Generally, 16 inches is the standard height. If you have family members who are very tall or who have certain problems, they will be comfortable at a height between 17 and 19 inches. For young adults and kids, height needs to be between 10 and 12 inches.

The shape of the bowl is another thing that affects comfort, as well as how it looks and is made. A compact shape that is often round but can also be square is highly recommended for your small bathroom.

Small bathroom Concept to Overview

A round toilet will also be an excellent option for your small bathroom. Most of the time, these bowls are slightly shorter and wider than traditional bowls. One notable aspect of round shape toilets is they take up relatively little space, which is why they can be an excellent option for your small bathroom.

The elongated version is two inches greater than the compact version, which is either oval or rectangular. One of its advantages is that there is more space and comfort. Compact Elongated is a hybrid toilet bowl that comes with the same footprint as the compact but with an elongated bowl.

Toilet Type

You will find different types of toilets that will suit your small bathroom. They are:

One Piece Toilet

One-piece toilets have the bowl and the tank built into a single, streamlined unit. In general, they are easier to clean and can look very smooth. Most toilets have a two-piece design consisting of a bowl and a tank attached to each other through bolts. One-piece toilets are typically less expensive than their two-piece counterparts, although two-piece toilets can be trickier to clean than their one-piece counterparts.

Wall-Hung Toilet

Wall-hung toilets will be another great choice. These toilets are not attached to the floor in the way that most toilets are. Instead, they are attached directly to the wall, leaving the space below open and unblocked. Not only does this make it much easier to mop and clean the floors, but it could also help save space in already small bathrooms. The best time to use this option is either when the building is being built or when it is getting a major makeover, as the plumbing for these toilets is set up differently.


If you choose a toilet with a bidet, you will feel cleanliness even before you flush. If your toilet doesn’t have a bidet built in, you can give an older toilet a new look by replacing the toilet seat with a bidet toilet seat. Attachments for bidets can even be bought separately and put on a toilet seat that already has one. Many different features can come with a bidet toilet seat, such as a spray to clean and more.


When you flush a single-flush toilet, the same amount of water under the same amount of pressure is pumped out of the tank and through the rim to clean the bowl. You can choose between a half flush and a full flush on a dual flush toilet, so it can handle a wide range of loads and save water. Dual-flush toilets, also called double-flush toilets, usually have a half flush powered by gravity and a full flush powered by water pressure, which is more effective. Even though this option costs a little bit more, it is becoming more and more popular because it helps people save water.

People Also Asked

Which toilet is better for a small bathroom?

The round toilet is better for a small bathroom. It needs very little installation space and lets you enjoy the extra space. So, if you are looking for a compact toilet, think of a round toilet instead of others. It could be a dual flush or a one-piece toilet.

What to Consider while choosing a toilet for a small bathroom?

Dimension, design, flush, comfort, and other related factors must be considered when choosing a toilet for a small bathroom. Among them, dimension and style are the major factors for the small bathroom.

Final Verdict

So, how to choose a toilet for a small bathroom? You must consider dimensions, design, toilet type, flush, and materials to choose the best toilet for a small bathroom. Apart from them, consider the round size toilet that literally saves space and lets you install it in a compact bathroom. Whatever the toilet type or size, you must always consider the toilet’s height, ensuring ultimate comfort. Only install a moderately lower or moderately-high toilet in your small bathroom. Go for a standard one and install it in your little bathroom.

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