Tiger Roll Sushi Recipe

Tiger Roll Sushi Recipe

Japanese foods are popular all over the world for some good reason. Tiger Roll Sushi is a delicious item that’s made with veggies and cooked seafood. The truth is, this is not everything about the food, there are huge interesting facts you’d love to know about it.

In this article, we’ll answer all of your questions regarding Tiger Roll Sushi, how you can make it at home, what nutrition value it has, whether you can store it in the refrigerator, and so on.

So, stick around if you have a curious mind for knowing all the good and bad things about Tiger Roll Sushi. Let’s just get started.

An Overview of Tiger Roll Sushi

Japanese cuisine is complex and diverse. But people out of Japan and around the world think simply about sushi when they talk about Japanese cuisine. And, tiger roll sushi is one of the most delicious sushi rolls out there.

After ordering sushi in a restaurant, you’ll notice how gorgeous the presentation is. But do you know what’s lurking inside the rolls? Many people think about raw fish first.

And, I’ll tell you what. There are sushi items that do not contain raw seafood and tiger roll sushi is one of them.

The name ‘Tiger Roll’ may sound cumbersome but the rolls are named after the main ingredients used for the recipe. The way chefs follow to make the rolls, results in giving the food a similar look to tiger skin.

Although people can prepare tiger roll sushi according to their preferences, the rolls are generally wrapped with omelets and the fillings consist of some vegetables.

Is Tiger Roll Sushi Healthy?

Yes as long as you don’t put salmon or any raw fish in it.  A lot of Japanese food items use raw fish which may lead you to the point- whether tiger roll sushi is healthy or not.

The fact is, tiger roll is free from any raw meat. Hence, every ingredient is well-cooked so you can safely eat the dish. However, adding salmon isn’t safe because of cross-contamination. Not only this, salmon can contain parasites that make it alarming to eat raw salmon. Still, if the raw salmon is prepared and stored properly, you mat eat this. According to the USDA, it’s okay to eat raw salmon when you keep it vacuum-sealed and refrigerated.

Apart from the salmon, there are sushi rolls like Tekka Maki that are made with raw meat. You may find them mouthwatering in taste but the chances of getting you sick from food poisoning, parasites, and mercury ingestion level up as you consume the foods.

Overall, it’s safe to eat tiger roll sushi if you be extra careful. Still, it’s best to avoid serving tiger roll sushi to kids and pregnant women. Most of the case we try to avoid good foods, I would like to recommend another Japanese cuisine, it’s called Tobiko Sushi. Tobiko is the Japanese word for flying fish roe, It’s delicious with high protein.

Tiger Roll Sushi Recipe Variation

There are some great ways to take the tiger roll sushi’s taste to the next level. Let’s see what recipe variations we recommend you to try.

  • Use a pickled Japanese burdock root called Yamagobo to fill the rolls. You can also use it as salad and enjoy the super delicious taste it offers.
  • After you slice the tiger roll sushi, use some Masago or Tobiko as the toppings.
  • You can also think about adding real crab or imitation crab meat to your sushi.
  • In case, you want to add raw fish to the sushi, go for salmon or Yellowtail Sashimi. But make sure you know how to prepare it properly to avoid health risks.
  • Using crab salad as toppings to the sushi is also a great idea.

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Equipment You’ll Need to Make Tiger Roll Sushi

Before we go any deeper, you should know what equipment you’re supposed to gather to make tiger sushi rolls. Here you go-

  • Rice cooker
  • Bamboo mat
  • Plastic wrap
  • Large bowls
  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board

Tiger Roll Sushi Recipe Ingredients

Now, it’s time to know what ingredients you have to collect for making a delicious batch of tiger roll sushi.

You’ll need an ingredient named sushi vinegar which you can make at home with this process- Mix 1 tbsp of rice vinegar, ½ teaspoon of salt, and ½ tablespoon of sugar. That’s it.

Ingredients for Sushi Rice

  • Water: 1 ½ cup
  • Sushi rice (short-grain): 1 ½ cup
  • Sushi Vinegar: 1 ½ tablespoon

Ingredients for Tiger Sushi Roll

  • Korean lettuce: 2 leaves
  • Omelet roll: 2 slices
  • Bean Sprout Namul: 1 ounce
  • Nori seaweed
  • Sesame seeds: 1 tablespoon
  • Yakiniku: 1 ½ ounce
  • Radish Namul: 1
  • Spinach Namul: 1 ounce

Ingredients for Egg Mixture

  • Eggs: 2
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Seaweed (cut into pieces)

Tiger Roll Sushi Instructions / Directions

And, here comes the Tiger Roll Sushi Recipe. We have compiled some easy-to-follow steps so you don’t have any confusion about how to make tiger roll sushi.

Step 1: Cook Sushi Rice

The first thing we’re going to do is to cook sushi rice. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Wash the rice and then use the alongside water to cook the rice. Place the rice and the water in a rice cooker and wait for it to be cooked.
  • When the rice is cooked, take a large bowl and transfer the rice to it. Give it a moment to cool down a bit.
  • Add sushi vinegar to the rice when it’s still warm. Stir well to mix them.

Step 2: Make Tiger Sushi Roll

Now, follow the steps below to make the tiger sushi roll.

  • Layout the bamboo mat first. You can lay a plastic wrap on top of the bamboo mat but it’s optional.
  • Take the nori seaweeds and fold them in half. After that, split them.
  • Now, take only half of the seaweed on top of your bamboo mat.
  • Take around ¾ cup of cooked rice and spread it evenly over the nori sheet. While doing so, dipping your hands in the vinegar will let the rice not stick.
  • Shake the rice a bit and sprinkle a dash of sesame seeds.
  • Flip the seaweed in a way so the rice faces down. Place spinach Namul, Yakiniku, radish Namul, Korean lettuce, bean sprout Namul on top of the nori sheet.
  • Now, carefully place your thumbs under the bamboo mat. Then, place the edge over the filling.
  • Put gentle pressure on the bamboo mat to tighten and roll it until the ends meet.

Step 3: Make Omelet Roll

  • Take a bowl and mix salt and pepper with the eggs.
  • Place a skillet over your stovetop and pour the mixture into it. Wait until it cooks.
  • Get back to the seaweed you’ve cut in the first place and place them on the omelet. This will make the food pattern looks like tiger skin.
  • Once you’re done cooking the omelet, keep a sushi roll on top of a thin egg omelet. Then, roll it up.
  • You’re almost done. Place the tiger sushi roll onto a cutting board and then cut it into 8-pieces.
  • Finally, you can sprinkle some Masago or Tobiko and drizzle mayo on top of the rolls.
Serve and Enjoy the Tiger Roll Sushi
Serve and Enjoy the Tiger Roll Sushi

Serve immediately and enjoy the tiger toll sushi recipe with your family and friends!

Can You Store Tiger Roll Sushi?

Actually, you can but you should not. Let me explain it with two potential reasons.

  • Bad Texture: You won’t love the way your sushi tastes if you store it in the fridge for a long period. You’ll notice a huge change in the ingredients’ textures as well. For example, this may make the rice harder or soggy and the seaweed paper limp.
  • Raw Meat: If you love eating raw meat in your sushi, consume it immediately. In case, you don’t have another way than storing it, eat the food in the next few hours. It’s because the raw meat of the fish may begin developing bad bacteria. And, the last thing you’ll want to have is the bacteria inside your stomach.

Still, you can store Tiger Roll Sushi in your fridge with this process:

  • Take care of each piece of Tiger Sushi Roll by wrapping them tightly with plastic wrap.
  • Then, put the rolls into a dry container. Make sure you secure the airtight lid of the container and then place it into your refrigerator.

Try hardest to consume the stored sushi within the next 24 hours, no late than this duration is recommended.

What Can You Serve with Tiger Roll Sushi?

The answer is ‘a lot of things!’. Yes, there are various things that can enhance the flavors and take the taste of your sushi to the next level. Take the below listing as an example:

  • Popcorn
  • Seaweed salad
  • Green vegetables
  • Soup
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Shrimp Tempura
  • Edamame beans
  • Kushiyaki

In case, you’d like to add a dessert to your sushi, these are what you should try:

  • Honey toast
  • Mochi
  • Dorayaki
  • Castella
  • Anmitsu

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Tiger Roll Sushi

  • If sushi vinegar isn’t available, you can make a substitute. Mix white vinegar with salt and sugar. Yes, this mixture would be a great replacement for sushi vinegar.
  • Ending up with the perfect sushi rice is not the easiest task. You can use short-grain Japanese rice for the best results.
  • While working hard for the perfect outcome, you’ll feel bad if the rice gets stuck to your hand throughout the process. What you can do to stop it is, combine 2 teaspoons rice vinegar with ¼ cup water. This mixture is called Tezu and it works great.

The last thing you’ll want is the sushi rolls to fall apart before you eat them. You can stop them from falling apart by gently squeezing the rolls.

Tiger Roll Sushi Nutrition Facts

As we knew that, sushi is a popular dish around the world. It’s a delicious and healthy meal that can be enjoyed by anyone. If you want to enjoy sushi without all of the carbs, know about Tiger Roll Sushi. This restaurant offers a healthy option for sushi lovers who want to lose weight. In addition to providing nutritional information on their sushi dishes, Tiger Roll Sushi also provides you with recipes that are low in sugar and calories.

The nutrition value you get per serving is:

  • Calories- 367
  • Carbohydrate- 29g
  • Fat- 21g
  • Protein- 17g
  • Sodium- 573mg
  • Vitamin A- 54%
  • Iron- 10%
  • Calcium- 6%
  • Vitamin C-18%
  • Sugar- 17g
  • Dietary fiber- 3.6g
  • Cholesterol- 166mg

The Right Way to Eat Sushi

You may or may not know the perfect way of eating sushi that helps you get the taste properly. Here are a few surface-level talks, you can just skip the part if you already know the way.

The Right Way to Eat Sushi
The Right Way to Eat Sushi
  • Using a chopstick is optional. You can eat your sushi with your hands.
  • Do not unroll the sushi in any circumstance.
  • Dip the sushi fish-side first into the soy sauce.
  • Don’t take too much wasabi, it may ruin the taste.
  • As long as you’re eating sushi (not sashimi), do not mix wasabi in the soy sauce.
  • Let the fish touch your tongue first.

Eat one piece in one bite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tiger roll sushi made of?

Sushi rice, omelet, seaweed, and some vegetables are used to make tiger roll sushi.

Can Sushi be Cooked?

Yes, there are both raw and cooked sushi available.

What are the main types of Sushi?

Six main types of sushi are Sashimi, Maki, Nigiri, Uramaki, Chirashi, and temaki.

Are Tiger Rolls Vegan?

Yes, tiger rolls are suitable for vegetarians as they do not contain meat in general.

Can I Freeze Tiger Roll Sushi?

You can but you should not. Freezing tiger roll sushi may ruin the taste. Still, you can freeze it in an airtight container.

How can I Defrost Sushi?

After removing it from the freezer, keep your sushi on a dry plate and let it completely thaw. It may take around 3 hours.