Tempura Cheesecake Recipe

Tempura Cheesecake

Add tempura cheesecake as a dessert to your menu, you’ll never regret it. But there’s a chance to regret it if you don’t know the right way of the tempura cheesecake recipe.

To help you out, we are going to start from scratch. In this article, you’ll get to know from what exactly tempura cheesecake is to what’s the right way to make it at home. Also, there are useful tips and tricks so you can avoid any mess throughout the process.

You’re not going to leave with this page any confusion regarding the topic. Sounds promising? Let’s get the proof!

What is Tempura Cheesecake?

Tempura cheesecake is a New York-Style Cheesecake that’s fried in tempura batter. Typically, this cheesecake is served with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

The cooking procedure is quite the same as Japanese cuisine so it’s a questionable topic whether tempura originated in Japan or was adopted by Portuguese missionaries. However, we’ll try our best to show you the best way to make tempura cheesecake so the taste pleases you. If you’re familiar with Tobiko Sushi, which also a popular Japanese cuisine, You can taste your diversity.

What is Tempura Cheesecake Batter Made of?

Only three key ingredients are used to make tempura batter. These are ice water, flour, and egg. You can either purchase tempura mix from specialty stores around you or you just use plain or all-purpose flour, which also works.

Hence using ice water is kind of mandatory as it slows down the gluten’s formation.

And, it results in preventing the batter from becoming unnecessarily dense. Also, it lets the batter not absorb too much oil in the frying stage.

How to Make Tempura Cheesecake Recipe

Now, it’s time to share the delicious, easy-to-make recipe with you. Let’s get to know about the ingredients and directions needed for making a perfect tempura cheesecake.

Tempura Cheesecake Recipe Ingredients

Tempura Cheesecake Ingredients

1. Ingredients for the Filling

  • Egg yolks: 4
  • Cream cheese: 1-½ lbs
  • Sour cream: 3 ounce
  • Cornstarch: 1 ounce
  • Sugar: ½ lb
  • Eggs: 2
  • Vanilla extract: 2 teaspoons
  • Panko crumbs and Graham cracker crumbs
  • Zest of one lemon

2. Ingredients for Batter

  • Cake flour: 1-½ cup
  • Baking soda: 1 teaspoon
  • Cornstarch: ¼ cup
  • Kosher salt: ½ teaspoon
  • Sparkling water: ¾ cup

Tempura Cheesecake Recipe Instructions

Directions for the filling

  • First of all, set your oven to 350℉ to preheat it.
  • Take a mixer and add sugar and cream cheese to it. Now, mix them at low speed.
  • As the mixing goes on, add lemon zest, cornstarch, eggs, and egg yolks to the mixture. Make sure you add one ingredient at once.
  • Add sour cream once the mixing is done.
  • Take a greased pan and pour the mixture into it. Now, bake it in a water bath for 50 minutes.
  • Before you remove the mixture from your pan, wait a bit to let it cool down.
  • Finally, cut it into small pieces.

Directions for the Batter

  • Mix cake flour, salt, cornstarch, and baking soda together. Add water to the mixture and continue mixing.
  • Take graham cracker crumbs and coat the cheesecake pieces in them. After that, dip the cake in tempura batter.
  • Now, use Panko crumbs to roll the cheesecake.
  • You’ll get the best taste by putting it into the freezer for 30 minutes before you fry the cheesecake.

Use vegetable oil to fry the cheesecake and the recommended temperature is 350℉. Without following any time direction, fry them until the pieces of cheesecake turn into golden brown color.

What does Tempura Cheesecake Taste Like?

If you think tempura cheesecake tastes like the regular cheesecake you’re used to having, the guess is wrong, it’s about a completely different experience. If I have to use words to describe their taste, well, I should compare them with warm cream puffs on steroids.

The inner part is creamy and soft but the outer layer of tempura cheesecake is crunchy. And, you’ll notice how the cream cheese flavor is balanced with the sweet batter. I mean, tempura cheesecake tastes a bit tangy but it’s not dominated by the taste of cream cheese.

The sweet and creamy taste of tempura cheesecake makes it the ideal dish for special occasions. Since it’s okay to make the recipe in advance, it saves your time before the guest arrives.

Moreover, tempura isn’t similar to other traditional fried items, it’s even better. Because there are no bread crumbs used here, it’s all about flour, egg, and cold water.

Tempura Cheesecake Nutrition Facts

Let’s see what the nutrition value of tempura cheesecake is from the amount per serving.

  • Calories: 410
  • Carbohydrate: 16% (47g)
  • Fat: 33% (21g)
  • Protein: 15% (7g)
  • Sugar: 34g
  • Cholesterol: 32% (95mg)
  • Vitamin C: 2%
  • Iron: 4%
  • Vitamin A: 10%
  • Calcium: 10%
  • Dietary fiber: 4% (1g)

Is It Okay to Reheat Fried Tempura Cheesecake?

This is not recommended because you won’t get the best taste tempura cheesecake offers if you don’t consume fresh cheesecake. Yes, you can reheat it but chances are, it will lose the crisp texture. Also, the cake will be very easy to break once you reheat it.

Can You Store Tempura Cheesecake in the Refrigerator?

You can. But try to consume the stored cheesecake within 5-7 days as it’s suggested by USDA’s Food Keeper App.

About other cookies, bread, or cakes, it’s not a must to refrigerate them for storage purposes. But you have to know which food items come with perishable frosting or filling because they must be stored in the refrigerator.

Is It Okay to Leave Cheesecake Out Overnight?

No, it should never be left out overnight if you don’t want it to be spoiled. You can take 6 hours as the maximum duration you can leave out cheesecake but after that, you should put it in the refrigerator to store it properly.

What to Do with the Leftover Tempura Batter?

Well, if there’s a leftover tempura cheesecake batter, you can simply add it into pumpkin bread, banana bread, and brownies, and beat with a good speed.

Another question that may pop up in your mind- can you reuse the oil after you’re done frying tempura?

The answer is yes and no. Used oils tend to be rancid faster compared to fresh oil so you must check before you use it the next time. But if you have remaining oil once the frying is done, let the oil cool. After that, strain it and choose a dark and cool place to store it.

Why Is Tempura Batter Different from Regular Batter?

As we’ve said earlier, we do not use breadcrumbs to make the tempura batter which makes it different from other frying batters.

Also, we use less oil to finish the cooking which also distinguishes it from other batters. These are the reasons why tempura is more lightweight and it comes with satisfactory lightness. You can also add another Popular Japanese dish called Tiger Roll Sushi for dinner or lunch.

Does Old Cheesecake Make You Sick?

There’s a chance of old cheesecakes making you sick. Since the ingredients are perishable and the cake is made with high moisture content, it may make your cheesecake the perfect habitat for bacteria like salmonella and listeria.

And, the worst part is, you can’t see the bacteria with the naked eyes but they can spoil the cheesecake over time.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Tempura Cheesecake

So, you know about fried tempura cheesecake and how you can make it at home. Keep these tips in your mind to have a better result.

  • The less gluten formation is in the batter, the more delicious your cake will be. Using plain flour is okay but you can use low-protein flour for a better outcome.
  • Using cold water for the batter is the most common phenomenon. But you can use a carbonated liquid such as beer instead.
  • Stir the batter as little as you can. It’ll help you minimize gluten formation.
  • You can add a Virgin Miami Vice Drink

It’s better to cook the cheesecakes in small batches rather than overcrowding the pan.

5 Tempura Cheesecake Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

By now, you know almost everything about the right way to make tempura cheesecake. But this section will help you avoid the most common mistakes people tend to make.

  • Don’t think about skipping the water bath part. The water bath is so important for having the perfect cheesecake because it uses steam to evenly and slowly cook the cake. Eventually, it’ll prevent the cake from burning and cracking.
  • Never overbake the cake if you don’t want to see cracks and crumbly texture in it.
  • You should never rush the cooling process. Give enough time and refrigerate for 30 minutes instead of eating it right away. It’ll help the cheesecake set properly.
  • Using low-fat sour cream isn’t a great idea for cheesecake. Full fat sour cream will add a tangy flavor and perfect moisture to the cake.
  • Don’t go forward without getting your crust right. Use enough powerful food processors so you don’t end up with big chunks of ingredients that make your crust crumble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What to do with extra cheesecake batter?

Answer: Other than storing the leftover, you can make cheesecake balls, cheesecake brownies, cheesecake muffins, etc.

Question: Does tempura cheesecake need to be refrigerated?

Answer: Yes, after baking and cooling the cheesecake, you must refrigerate it.

Question: How long does cheesecake batter last?

Answer: If you can store it properly, it should last up to three months.

Question: How to be sure that the cheesecake is done cooking?

Answer: You can use a quick-read thermometer. It’s easy to use and takes a few seconds to check the internal temperature of the cake.

Question: Why is my tempura cheesecake not getting set?

Answer: Mixing the batter too much may cause what you’re facing. Avoid mixing the batter so much that the cake becomes cracked.


Hopefully, you’ve got the right and detailed guidelines about making the perfect tempura cheesecake at home.

If you can make it by following every instruction carefully, you should have an excellent outcome. Just make sure you avoid all the big ‘no-no’s we mentioned and take every step seriously.

Happy baking!