The Shell House Sparkling Hard Seltzer Review (Trader Joe’s,)

The Shell Sparkling Hard Seltzer

Let me introduce Trader Joe’s, it’s a national chain of neighborhood grocery stores at your door. They are always committed to give extra value for customers and providing premium quality products with good price. They are producing cocktails refreshing drinks in cane.

Today we are going to reveal the product of The Shell House.

The Shell House Sparkling Hard Seltzer Review

The Alcohol is made from cane sugar, gluten-free. If you will try this product definitely loved it. You can able to enjoy the warmer weather with this the shell house sparking hard seltzer. This is a lasted addition of Joe’s Trader and awesome collection of booze. Price is also reasonable and around $6 dollar.

It has 100 calories and 2-3g carbs, which is perfect for feeling the chillness.

Why you will love this?

  • Strong Flavor
  • Less Alcohol (5% only)

1. Meyer Lemon

You can able to feel the taste of lemon. Completely feel a natural lemon flavor and It reminds of the lemonade drinks that we love to drink at home or many other restaurants.

2. Pomegranate

Pomegrante taste is like candy and It will appeal you to drink (manhattan cocktail). We have found this drink taste really different, cloudy and which appeals you to drink.

3. Raspberry

In our research and several time tasted this drink and some of the people called this is an artificial flavor, but fact is cherry combination. It might be reminded one of our staffers of a Black Cherry White Claw, it’s really more better than any other relevant drink in the market.

While drinking The Shell House Sparkling Hard Seltzer, some of the people have reviewed in different webs that it’s like feeling the hydrating as consume alcohol. All four flavors– lime, raspberry, Meyer lemon and, pomegranate– you can definitely consider to try such an awesome drink.

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Calories and Nutrition Facts

Many people are deterred from drinking alcohol because of the calorie count, but the Shell House Sparkling Hard Seltzer is a happy medium. With only 90 calories per can, this drink is perfect for those who want to indulge without the guilt.

The Shell House Sparkling Hard Seltzer has a sweet and crisp taste that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve just downed a pint of beer. One of the main ingredients is organic apple juice which gives it its refreshing flavor!

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