Best restaurants Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada

Barberian's Steak House

Niagara Falls always offer more and more than just spectacular waterfall views. You will find down-to-earth bistros and relaxed restaurants Niagara Falls, Ontario, seemingly up in the clouds along with the natural wonders of the Canadian side.

From big Pancakes to portions of pasta, breakfast to late-night dinner, you will get a full-serve entertainment restaurant and buffet while exploring the Falls. Additionally, different international cuisines are also available. So, any Japanese, Indian, Brazilian, Chinese, Greek, German, and even Eastern European people can also find their casual dining to fulfill their desire.

However, here we have discovered the top 5 best restaurants in Niagara Falls, Ontario, a tourist–friendly and innovative place to eat.

Niagara Brewing Company

Niagara Brewing Company is one of the first former restaurants Niagara Falls, Ontario, and world-famous for brewing a wide range of innovative beers. Being located near the Foxhead Inn hotels, it is completely operated by Howard Fox, who has made this huge pub with a wide variety of pizzas, sandwiches, and snacks.

Although it was inaugurated in 1925 as a subsidiary hotel of Clifton House, it soon became the dramatic fire in 1932 on New Year Eve. From that time onwards, this avenue resort has become the spirit of bold flavors and a fiery desire to make perfect beers.

Apart from beers, “Pretzel” is the signature dish served with beer-infused salt cheese and sauce. So, don’t miss out on this warm cheese pretzel and be happy to share with another appetizer. Suppose you can take Honeymoon Peach Radler or limited edition Niagara Icewine Beer to get the traditional flavor of these famous restaurants.

However, reasonable priced smokey, pleasant dishes like chicken fingers, handmade guac and tortilla chips, meat and cheese combo, and tasty big daddy burgers are also available. So, enjoy the unusual Canadian craft beers with soft music and Niagara Falls’ beauty in Niagara Brewing Company.

Address: 4915-A Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3N5, Canada

Queen Charlotte Tea Room

If you want to get the British dining experience with delightful décor and a British tearoom matched authentic menu, the Queen Charlotte Tea Room welcomes you it’s a way. Ancient British ex-pats Roger Ollis and Linda quintessentially made this mind-blowing restaurant Niagara Falls, Ontario, to discover the scrumptious feeling in Canada.

As this is an English-style tea resort, you will get a minimum of 20+ tea selections with homemade bread and sandwiches. However, if you are not in a hurry, you can also enjoy their traditional English dishes with soups and salads, homemade desserts, and famous fish and chips.

Enjoy our selection of 20+ teas to choose from, sandwiches on homemade bread, soups, salads, traditional English dishes, famous fish and chips, and homemade desserts as a lighter fare. Also, it offers lots of British cuisine such as steak, kidney pie, bangers, Yorkshire pudding, mash baked beans, and so on for British eaters.

Furthermore, as the name suggested, you will get a wide selection of teas, including loose-leaf tea, herbal tea, peppermint tea, especially Scottish caramel tea, and different traditional tea. In terms of the taste of traditional tea, it’s totally different as it’s made with Devonshire cream and scones and served with cream cheese sandwiches and cucumber.

Address: 5689 Main St, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 5Z3, Canada


Who doesn’t want to have Appetizers, delicious soups, salads, Entrees, and deserts along with crafted wine in Weinkeller? Yes, everyone wants to taste their unique-style, locally sourced, fresh Canadian food with an old-world environment and strive for a memorable part of enjoying this great restaurant Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Being a landmark restaurant, Weinkeller takes the name from the German word “ wine cellar.” Because it first brings the concept of brewpub wine. It’s a mixture of 3 white and 3 red wines serve on an open patio with a live concert. Its located in Victoria Avenue in a brick-walled basement and have other food varieties based on seasonal and local ingredients.

With great local wines, it also serves Pacific salmon ( served with blackened and cedar-planked), poached hollandaise, fresh herb butter, or any other curated fixed-price menu according to the diner’s choice.

Address: 5633 Victoria Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3L5, Canada

Casa Mia Ristorante

Located in the heart of Niagara Falls, Casa Mia Ristorante is an award-winning Italian restaurant for over 30 years. It’s in the Niagara Wine Route- just a 10 minutes’ drive from both Niagara Falls Tourism Area and Niagara-on-the-Lake. So, to get the combination of local, masterful techniques and high-quality ingredients of sublime food flavor and enjoy a visual appeal, everyone must visit Casa Mia Ristorante, the best restaurant Niagara Falls, Ontario.

With deeply rooted Italian culture, chef Luciana Mollica and son Claudio restlessly introduce to the Niagara region for years after years with their flair, creative and culinary expression. So, if you want to get authentic Italian food along with a plethora of homemade pasta or lamb, this renowned restaurant is the #1 to look at.

Additionally, you will be surprised by seeing their rustic front door and uniquely crafted wine list while entering the bar. It will give you a new opportunity to experience beyond excellent service, amazing food, a warm family atmosphere, etc. In short, nothing is lacking here doesn’t matter whether it’s the dinner menu or the daily take-out menu.

Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse

From 2009-present Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse received limitless accolades for serving fully authentic, all-you-can-eat type Brazilian food compare to any other expensive restaurants in Ontario. Following the centuries-old glamorous cooking tradition, every diner in this restaurant creates an endless cut of succulent lamb, pork, beef, and chicken in the Brazilian gauchos. So, don’t step away from this celebrated restaurant Niagara Falls, Ontario. Because who knows, you may miss the wonderful smells of fire-roasted meats eagerly awaiting you.

Each two-sided dish has its sizzling signals. Green and Red. Green means “ More, please,” where Red means “ I have enough for now.” So, you can eat as much as you want at your own pace. Therefore you can enjoy their 12 different fire-roasted kinds of beef with huge 70 items of gourmet salad in these steakhouses. I also recommend if you are planning to visit Toronto check the Best Restaurants in Toronto Downtown.

For wine lovers, it’s good news that Brasa has all options covered, including fun cocktails, beer on the top, glass or bottle of red wines with lamb churrascaria on the table.