Purple Logo: How to Create it, Examples

Purple Logo

A logo is an integral part of the image of any company. If you want to attract more customers and increase your sales, you should definitely design a personal logo. After all, it will show that you are a brand. A solid company that does its job conscientiously.

It is true that in order for the logo to be successful and do its one hundred percent public relations job, choose the right color. A suitable shade will not only distinguish you from competitors, but also emphasize your individuality. You must choose it according to the activities of your company. Because each color has a certain psychological effect on a person. So you have to choose the shade that will make the consumer buy or order a service from you.

Today we are going to talk about purple and its role in the color palette. Who is best placed to use it? This is what you will learn in this article’s online designer Turbologo will help you create a quality logo.

What is a logo?

A logo is a part of a brand that tells the company, its history, its mission, its values ​​and its objectives. With the help of the logo, consumers distinguish one company from another, attribute the product to a particular brand.

Because there are many companies in the market, and therefore many logos in the consumer’s mind are all mixed up. And only a correctly and competently designed logo will bring success and recognition to the company.

In order to create a company logo that will be remembered and that will correctly convey information to the consumer, study what logos are, how they are perceived and which of them will suit you.

The meaning of purple in the logo

Purple is an aristocratic and noble color. It expresses restrained strength and majesty. And since this tone belongs to cold colors, it does not excite the nervous system. Thus, with its help you will not be able to provoke the client to a certain action. But, nevertheless, it will make the buyer respect your business.

Purple is one of the most mysterious colors. It is deep and has many different meanings. It is not in vain that this color is at the very end of the color palette. For it includes the qualities of many other colors.

It is called the color of the union of two opposites. Indeed, it is obtained by mixing red and blue. It therefore combines a cold calm and a hot riot. It is the color of weakness and strength, naivety and cunning, wisdom and power. In general, it is a paradoxical color. A combination of the incongruous.

Purple signifies nobility, spirituality, inspiration, modesty, self-esteem. It is also the color of intuitive thought.

Each of its shades has its own effect on a person. They have different meanings. For example, dark shades of purple with a predominance of blue signify power and brute force. If red dominates, it symbolizes naivety, infantilism, impulsiveness and emotional immaturity. Lighter shades have calming properties.

They are associated with sweetness and tenderness. “Pure” purple is considered by psychologists to be slightly difficult to perceive.

Examples of purple logos

LOGO Examples

As this color is considered expensive and looks rich, we advise you to add it to the logos of luxury companies. But it is also suitable for brands with an average price policy. Purple stands for exclusivity, luxury and chic. prosperity and well-being. Therefore, if you want to show your customer your positive attitude and emphasize quality and corporate responsibility, purple is right for you.


It will also be good for those who want to earn the respect of buyers. Undoubtedly, purple is suitable for almost all industries. But there are those in which it will look particularly organic.

Financial companies

Purple is ideal for financial companies. After all, they have to show that they can be counted on. That the company can be trusted. And purple is perfect for that. It will introduce you properly and reassure clients of your skills. Also, as we wrote earlier, purple symbolizes well-being. And this quality goes hand in hand with successful financial operations. Here are some examples of financial company logos in purple color.

#1 The Medicine

You can’t go wrong in this area. Even the color of the logo should be chosen responsibly. The symbolism of the company should not only attract the customer, but also convey a certain message. Why is the use of violet so highly recommended in medicine? Because it calms the patient. And since this color symbolizes health and prosperity, the person will not be so worried. Kohler, on a subconscious level, will get him to respect you. So feel free to use it in your emblem. Here are examples of medical company logos in purple color.

#2 IT/ Information Technology

Modernity and quality… Rich experience and latest technologies… Of course, you can describe your IT company in different words. But that won’t make sense if your logo doesn’t convey the same message. The purple tint will perfectly convey the description of your positive qualities. Want to show that you are the best in the IT services market? Now you know how to create a new logo. Here are some examples of purple IT company logos.

#3 Food

Purple color is perfect for food design. Especially sweets. Calm and delicate shades will look great on logos of food companies. Of course, they will not be able to provoke appetite, but they will relax the spirits. And when a person is relaxed, they certainly crave something tasty. Also, purple will arouse respect and trust in you. Make sure your products do not contain harmful impurities. Here are some examples of purple food company logos.

That’s all ! We told you about the meaning of the purple color in the logo. We hope that the information provided will be useful to you. Good luck !

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