Pioneer Woman Brunswick Stew Recipe

Do you know Pioneer Woman? If you heard about the Pioneer Woman Brunswick stew recipe, you might see the lady’s name. She is a famous cook for the Southern Brunswick Stew. Pioneer Woman Brunswick Stew recipe comes from her though it’s a traditional recipe.

It was mainly cooked with a squirrel or opossum meat, but today, the recipe is more common and delicious with beef, pork, and chicken. You can also cook the Brunswick stew with potatoes. It is now a famous cooking recipe all over the country, and people love to add different veggies and meat to make it healthier.

Direction for Pioneer Woman Brunswick Stew Recipe

The recipe is easy, and you can follow our tips and steps to quickly and perfectly make the Brunswick stew. If you have any particular likings, you can add that. It is also a customizable recipe. That means you can add any beans or any vegetables you would like to make the Brunswick stew more attractive and delicious in your way.

The most important fact is the meat. You can use both beef and chicken to make the Brunswick stew. It will be okay, and you will not lose any taste here by mixing both the meat. That’s how you will get the flexibility to cook the Brunswick stew by following some fundamental steps.

Whatever way or cooking recipe you follow, you have to use some essential ingredients and steps that we will talk about. You can add other healthy ingredients as well.

Ingredients for Pioneer Woman Brunswick Stew

  1. Beans
  2. Chopped onion – 1 cup
  3. Chopped Celery- 2 stalks
  4. Ground Meat- One and a half-pound
  5. Shredded chicken- 2 or 3 pounds
  6. Chopped Tomatoes- 3 cans ( Peeled)
  7. BBQ Sauce
  8. Ketchup- 1 cup
  9. Olive Oil
  10. Salt
  11. Cayenne Pepper or Regular Paper
  12. Creem
  13. Okra

These 11 are the essential ingredients to cook the Brunswick Stew. You can add other veggies without losing any taste. Whatever you add, you should not miss any of these eleven ingredients. It will reduce the taste if you don’t add the BBQ or Ketchup Sauce.

Pioneer Woman Brunswick Stew Recipe

Cooking Process of  Brunswick Stew

You have all the ingredients and your favorite veggie to cook the pioneer woman Brunswick stew. It’s time to follow some steps, cook delicious dishes, and enjoy the vacation or weekends with the family.

Step 1- Heat Skillet and Oil

It will be best to use the skillet for cooking the Brunswick stew. First, set up the skillet and put the oil on it, be sure not to overheat the oil; medium heat will work better.

Step 2- Add Onion & Celery

You already have the onion and Celery chopped. You need to put them on the heated oil and fry for a while. It would help if you didn’t fry for a long time, be sure the onion is soft.

Step 3- Cook the Meat and Chicken

Now, you will add the meat and chicken one after another. Use medium heat for cooking them well. Be aware of cooking the meat. You can use the regular skillet for cooking the meat and chicken. You can even cook on the same skillet you used for the onion and Celery.

Step 4: Heat the mixture on low heat

You have mixed both meat and onions, Celery, and oil. Now, you have to cook them for a long time on low heat. It will be juicy and perfectly heat the meat. It will take around ten minutes to be a proper mixture.

Step 5- Add other Ingredients

You can now add all other ingredients. First, add the shredded chicken and cook the mixture. Then, add the vegetables for Weight loss, BBQ sauce, ketchup, chopped tomato. Mix them all and wait for several minutes. In the meantime, you should not increase the heat.

Step 6- Add Salt & Pepper

It’s time to add the salt and pepper as far as your taste. Please don’t put too much of them; they will ruin the original taste of the stew.

Step 7: Simmer for two hours

You have added most of the ingredients to the mixture and cooked for a while. You have to cook for two hours and simmer the entire mixture for a long time. It’s the game-changer step you cannot ignore.

Step 8- Add Corn cream or cream corn (Okra)

Your dish is almost ready to serve; do you want to give it an extra flavor and make it thick? If so, you should add the corn-type cream and cook it for an additional one hour or until you get the best thickness of the stew. If you love more thickness, cook for one hour; cook for half an hour if you love the average thickness.

Step 9- Serve & Enjoy

Your Brunswick Stew is ready to serve. You can now serve the stew to your friends and family and enjoy the dish.

Recipe Tips

We have described all the basic steps to cook the Brunswick stew. You should follow these and cook the delicious recipe. However, some additional and secret recipe tips will add more value to the recipe and are outstanding.

  1. You should add the okra to make the stew thicker and enhance the flavor. It will not cost you any more time.
  2. Use the fresh and chopped vegetables to make the stew attractive. You can use different types of beans and capsicum, and all your favorite items in cooking.
  3. If you add other veggies, you should add them with the meat. They will cook properly and enhance the taste as well.
  4. Never try to cook the Brunswick Stew within a short time. It’s better to cook it on holidays or while you have a long day to enjoy.

How to cook Brunswick Stew with Potatoes

Some people also look for how to cook Brunswick stew with potatoes. It’s not a different or complicated process to cook the potato stew. There are two ways to do that.

You can cook the potatoes with other veggies or use potatoes as the main item along with the meat.

If you want to add potatoes as veggies, you can mix them with other ingredients and vegetables. When you want to use potatoes as the main ingredient, you must cook them with the meat. It will blend and become a thick stew at the end.

In that case, you should add both the meat and potatoes together without mixing other veggies. You can only use the potatoes alone or other veggies along the way.

Don’t forget to use corn cream and okra to get the best taste from the potato stew. Otherwise, it might not be an expected tasty Brunswick Stew.

How to make the Brunswick stew thicken?

You can make the Brunswick stew thick by using corn cream and okra. These two ingredients will give you an excellent thickness that will enhance the taste of the stew and the thickness. Also, you can follow our tips to get a better consistency.

The best way to make the stew thicken is by increasing the heat for about five minutes. After cooking the entire recipe for about two hours, you need to cook it for an additional five minutes on high heat to get the thicken Brunswick stew. The high heat will evaporate the extra water from the dish and make the Brunswick stew thicken.

How to store the Brunswick stew?

Let’s say you cook a large amount of Brunswick stew and need to store them for the next several days. Maybe you are running out of time, and cook the stew for the next holiday. What would be the best way to store the Brunswick stew?

The easiest way to store the stew is fridging. You can use your refrigerator and put the Brunswick stew into the deep fridge, and make it frozen. You can keep the stew for about 5 to 7 days. The sooner you eat the rest of the dish, the better the taste will be.

However, you need to defrost the stew before eating. In that case, you can thaw the frozen stew at room temperature. It will take time. If you want to melt the frozen stew within a while, you may go for the warm water and defrost it quickly.

Nutrition Facts

The Pioneer Woman Brunswick Stew Recipe is excellent healthy food. It will give you a source of protein, minerals, and vitamins. The nutrition facts of the Brunswick stew are:

For one cup regular of Brunswick stew:

  • Calories: 287
  • Fat: 125
  • Sodium: 462
  • Protein: 24g
  • Sugar: 9.6g
  • Cholesterol: 74g

Frequently Asked QUESTION

How long does the pioneer woman Brunswick stew take to cook?

It will take three hours to cook the entire Brunswick stew, but the time will also depend on your skill and ingredient quality. If you use frozen veggies and ingredients, it might take an additional hour.

What side dishes can you use with the Brunswick stew?

Although the Brunswick stew is a complete meal, you can use some salads. The carrot and cucumber salad are the two best options you can enjoy having with the pioneer woman Brunswick stew. You can also try another Patti Labelle Collard Greens Recipe that will nailed your taste ever. It’s a American Best Cuisine ever you can taste.

Bottom Line

So, you read the entire article and know all the steps to cook the pioneer woman Brunswick stew recipe. You can make the stew more delicious after following our tips. Since you can use any vegetables, you can add anything you like.