Margarita Cocktail Recipe (Nutrition Facts)

Margarita Cocktail Recipe

Are you looking for a Great Refreshing Cocktail in this summer? Served immediately up or at the rocks, the margarita is one of the maximum famous cocktails of all time. And for properly reason! It will cool you down on a warm day or heat you on a fab day. Any day is a great day for a margarita.


7 common ingredients required to make a wonderful and refreshing margarita cocktail. You can follow these:

  1. 50ml fluid ounces tequila
  2. 1 cup ice
  3. Hard Salt as demand or as per taste.

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Preparation and Direction [ Within 5 Minutes)

Step 01

Step 02

Take a Glass for for final preparation and add little hard salt as demand. Also you can add ice cubes for more freshness.

Step 03

Taste the Margarita Cocktail Recipe and let us know the perfect freshness with us.

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Nutrition Facts and Calories

199 calories and 14 grams carbohydrates.