Keto Frosty Recipe’s (All Inside)

Keto Frosty Recipe

If you are following a Ketogenic diet, you will love the Keto frosty recipe. It’s a low-carb yet mouthwatering frosty. It is suitable for all-weather; summer will be the best time for enjoying a keto frosty at your weekend.

However, I personally love all the flavors of different keto frosty recipes. You have options to choose any one of five, but I’ll suggest trying them out. You can start with vanilla frosty and end with keto strawberry frosty.

It’s not like you must taste all of them at once. You can make a routine to taste a new frosty flavor every weekend; it will give you a unique flavor to reduce boredom. You can also choose tropical smoothie keto recipes with the keto frosty to warm up yourself.

Overview of Keto Frosty Recipe

Keto frosty is mainly a cold drink that you can make with some Simple Ingredients. It’s not take too much time to make a cup of keto frosty and enjoy your holidays. Also, you can add different flavors to your frost and make it a great treat, although you cannot eat this drink daily.

Since keto is mainly for concentrating on diet, you might think of no dessert. But you’re wrong since you can make five different keto frosty recipes with four simple ingredients. They won’t add too many calories or disturb your diet by adding extra fat. You can make a cup of whipped frosty and enjoy your weekend.

Overview of Keto Vanilla Frosty

The first recipe is keto vanilla frosty. It’s about making diet-friendly vanilla frosty without using direct or using diet-friendly sugar. You can make this frosty within ten minutes with a 40-minutes freezing time. So, it’s better you start the process one hour before you plan to enjoy it.

Keto Vanilla Frosty

Required Ingredients

You will need only four ingredients to make keto vanilla frosty. I think we all have these ingredients in our kitchen.

  • Whipping Cream
  • Cocoa Powder (Not Added with Sugar)
  • Swerve (Sugar-free or Keto Friendly)
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Salt

Making Direction

It’s a simple way to make keto vanilla frosty. You must have these things along with your freezer. Let’s see how you make diet-friendly vanilla frosty.

Mix Frosty Ingredients

Take your frosty-making bowl (any size bowl would do). Then mix cocoa powder, swerve, and whipping cream with vanilla extract. You need to stir the mixture and evenly pour them. You can also add one-by-one ingredients to get a proper mixture.

Don’t stir too much since it might be watery, and the ingredients may detach from the original mixture. In that case, you will not get the actual taste of frosty. It will become an ice cube.

Freeze & Serve

After making the frosty mixture, pour it into a frosty container and freeze it for 30-40 minutes. Sometimes, you can freeze it for 3-5 minutes and enjoy the whip. It depends on your time. If you have a relaxing time, you should chill the frosty for half an hour, then enjoy your dessert.

When you freeze & chill the frosty for longer than half an hour, you should serve it. Try to enjoy it after taking your main meal.

Overview of Keto Chocolate Frosty

My second best dessert is keto chocolate frosty. I believe most keto lovers are also fond of chocolate. But we miss it since we can’t have chocolate in our diet. Luckily, we also have this keto chocolate frosty.

It doesn’t have any diet issues since you will make it as a keto-friendly frosty.

Keto Chocolate Frosty

So, if you’re a chocolate lover following a keto diet, you must try this keto chocolate frosty. It will be the best diet-friendly chocolate dessert that you will love most. You will get the authentic taste of your loved chocolate. So, it’s better to follow the making process and cook it.

Required Ingredients

As I said that you only need these four ingredients to make this keto chocolate frosty, you don’t need to use anything else. It will be an excellent delicious dessert that you will love most.

  1. Heavy cream
  2. Cocoa Powder or any Sugar-free chocolate powder
  3. Vanilla extract
  4. Swerve

Making Directions

You can use that method without changing if you read the previous frosty-making process. What if you want the real process of making keto chocolate frosty? Then, you must follow this process and get the best taste.

Mix Ingredients

If you have an ice-cream bowl, you can take it and add cream, cocoa or chocolate powder, and vanilla extract. Mix them slowly without making them watery. After that, you can add the swerve if you think you will love the sweet taste. You can skip it if you want to taste the chocolate flavor.

Blend & Freeze

Sometimes, you will fail to get the perfect mixture with a spoon. Mixing cocoa powder or chocolate powder would be difficult. In that case, you can blend the mixture but don’t over blend them. All you can do is blend for half a minute, then check the thickness.

Once you find the perfect thickness, you will be sure to stop blending. It will be an excellent mixture indeed. When you finish blending, you will need to freeze them for at least an hour. It might take several hours to get frozen. Only then you can hope to get the perfect frosty to serve as a dessert.

Overview of Keto Frosty with Coconut Milk

You might often like trying something else or modifying your frosty keto dessert. But things are more difficult than you think. It will take some extra effort and ingredients that you must enjoy. Here it is frosty with coconut milk. You don’t need to use the heavy whipping cream since it adds high carbs and extra calories.

Keto Frosty with Coconut Milk

Therefore, coconut milk would be your best-chosen ingredient. It has low calories and will add a different taste to your frost. You will mostly like it if you are not a die-hard fan of whipping cream. Therefore, you can follow my tips and make the keto frosty with coconut milk.

Required Ingredients

Since you’re not using whipping cream, you cannot follow the above directions since they all are on heavy cream. So, gather these ingredients and start making your keto frosty with coconut milk. It will be an enhanced taste with low calories.

  1. Coconut Milk
  2. Swerve (Sugar-Free)
  3. Cocoa Powder
  4. Vanilla Extract

Making Direction

You will use all the ingredients of regular frosty except the sugar & whipping cream. Instead of using these ingredients, you will use coconut milk. Other ingredients will remain the same, and the process might seem similar but not the same.

So, follow the instructions for mixing ingredients with coconut milk and get the perfect thickness. Otherwise, it will become an ice cream you cannot serve like a frosty dessert. So, follow the directions accordingly.

Mix Ingredients with Coconut Milk

You need to mix the cocoa powder and swerve with coconut milk first. Mix them properly before you add the vanilla extract. But you cannot stir the mixture for a long time with vanilla extract. Once you add the vanilla extract, you can directly blend them for a while or use a spoon to mix them properly. It will not take too much time to stir for a long time. Once you get the perfect thickness, you can stop stirring. Otherwise, it will become watery and will become like Ice-cream. But you will not love that and might lose the authentic taste of coconut milk frosty.

Freeze & Serve

After getting the mixture of those ingredients, you need to freeze it for 30-40 minutes before serving it. It will get the perfect thickness in your refrigerator if you keep it in the deep freeze. Otherwise, it might take more than two hours to freeze and be ready for serving.

After that time, you can keep your frosting in a small ice cream holder and serve it to your family. It will give you the best taste of keto-friendly frost. It will come with lower fat and calories.

Store the Rest

If you have some extra frosty after serving, you don’t need to serve it again instantly. You can store it in your refrigerator and enjoy it later. Otherwise, the frost will defrost so quickly that you cannot serve it again.

So, keep the remaining frosty in your freezer and serve it the following day. But never store the frosty for a week or so. It will not give you the best taste of keto-frosty with coconut milk taste.

Overview of Keto Frosty with Sugar Free Pudding

Did you ever try keto frosty with sugar free pudding? If you don’t yet, you must try to make it. It’s easier and will come with a new taste of delicious frosty. Especially when you have pudding, you can use it to make the keto frosty.

But the fact is you need to use sugar-free pudding. In that case, you will need to make the pudding first; then, you can expect to make the perfect keto frosty with sugar-free pudding. Otherwise, the regular pudding will damage your dessert quality and give you extra calories.

Required Ingredients

You cannot use the common ingredients for making the pudding keto frosty. It will take extra effort and give you some extra time-consuming process to make the keto frosty with pudding. Since you need to use the sugar-free pudding, you must consider using the ready-made sugar-free pudding.

Let’s see what ingredients you will need to make this frosty.

  1. Pudding Can (Must Be sugar-free and keto-friendly ready-made pudding can)
  2. Swerve
  3. Vanilla extract

Making Direction

You don’t need to use any cocoa powder or chocolate powder. But, if you love to add some chocolate or cocoa powder, you can do that. But things will be different. To get the best pudding taste, you must avoid using cocoa powder or chocolate powder.

Let’s get through the process and make this frosty using only three ingredients.

Make Pudding

Your first job is to cook the pudding first. Depending on your pudding can, it will take several minutes to 30 minutes. You will find all the directions to make the sugar-free pudding accordingly. You might need to use some regular milk to make this pudding. In that case, the fourth ingredient would be adding some milk in the process.

After having milk and a ready-made pudding can, you only need to add the pudding ingredients to the milk. After that, follow the steps described on the pudding can skin. It will lead you to a perfect pudding.

Mix other ingredients with pudding

When you have the sugar-free pudding, you can start adding other ingredients to it. First, add some swerve if you love the sweet taste. Then, mix the vanilla extract. But you must combine the vanilla extract with pudding and other ingredients properly. It might take a few minutes more to get the perfect thickness.

Freeze & Serve

Once you mix all the ingredients with pudding, your frosty is almost ready, but it’s not prepared to serve. You need to pour that mixture into your small cups to get the desired shape of your frosty. Then put your cups or frosty holder in the refrigerator for thirty minutes. It will be ready by that time, and you will get the perfect taste of the keto frosty pudding recipe.

Overview of Keto Strawberry Frosty

My last favorite dessert is the keto strawberry frosty. Since I love strawberries, I also find it extremely helpful to follow the keto diet. It’s more like my favorite process to modify the recipe. You have already seen four different ways to make your keto frosty dessert. But the strawberry is something different you can add to your keto frosty dessert.

Keto Strawberry Frosty

You can follow the above direction to make the recipe or modify it accordingly. However, you don’t need to use the direct strawberry; instead, use the strawberry flavor or taste. In that case, you can buy the strawberry powder to add the taste or use the fresh strawberry. It will give you the best experience of strawberry flavor and enhanced frosty taste.

Required Ingredients

You need to use all the required ingredients to make this frosty too. Apart from that, you will need to use the fresh one or half cup of strawberry puree. It will depend on serving sizes. But to get the best taste of keto frosty, you must use the fresh strawberries and make the puree or pest out of them. You can also use the slices of strawberry to bite on them while eating.

  1. Heavy Whipping Cream
  2. Strawberry Puree one or half cup
  3. Vanilla extract
  4. Monk Fruit (If you want to get an enhanced flavor of the keto frosty.

Making Directions

Now you have both strawberry puree and the monk fruits. You can use them separately or avoid the monk fruits. I suggest using both of them and getting the best taste of keto strawberry frosty; it will give you the best dessert experience. So, let’s start the process of making keto strawberry frosty.

Prepare Strawberry

If you have the strawberry plate, you don’t need to follow anything else. Directly go to the next. What if you have fresh strawberries and want a pure taste of them? In that case, you need to peel off the strawberries and then cut them all.

Then, blend all the small pieces until they become a smooth paste. It might take a few minutes, but you will love that texture. If you want to enhance the strawberry, you may add some milk with strawberries. The milk will help to get the perfect texture of your strawberry paste.

Add Everything

Now you have the strawberry paste. You need to add the other ingredients with your strawberries. First, add the monk fruit and whip with your strawberries. Then, mix them and add vanilla extract. Stir them for a minute until they mix and become ready for blending.

Blend & Freeze

When you have the mixed strawberry frosty, it will be ready for blending. Before that, try some mixture and be sure if it needs some blending or if it’s okay to freeze and serve. If you don’t get the texture, you must blend it properly.

It might take one minute to blend and get the mixed frosty. You cannot blend them hard and get the ice-cream texture on your keto frosty.

Once you finish blending, you must freeze them for about an hour. It will be chilled and ready to become your favorite dessert. So, that’s how you can make your keto strawberry frosty without adding sugar and extra carb.

Nutrition Fact

Since you are not adding any sugar or unhealthy ingredients, it will be full of excellent healthy ingredients. Sometimes, you might often find the different sets of nutrients for another keto frosty. Let’s say you make strawberry frosty and vanilla frosty.

Both their taste and nutrients will be different. But you will find similar ingredients in all the other keto frosty; you should consider the main ingredients and then check the nutrients.

Serving size: One

  • Calories 103
  • Fat 8.6
  • Cholesterol 24.2
  • Sodium 24.2
  • Potassium 87
  • Protein 2.8
  • Vitamin A, B, C & D

Tips for Keto Frosty Recipe

This section is significant for keto is frosty. Since there are different keto frosty recipes, including vanilla, strawberries, pudding and more, you must follow some tips to get the best taste. It will be an excellent addition and add a new taste to your keto frosty recipe.

  1. Not to try adding other ingredients with these four core things. Also, don’t try to skip these things since they will not give you the authentic keto frosty taste.
  2. If you modify the keto frosty with pudding, ice cream, strawberries, and other fruits, you should use the fresh fruits and get the best and enhanced flavor of your keto frosty. Significantly, the strawberry frosty will need extra effort to create the paste. Also, you can use sliced strawberries to get a different flavor.
  3. Freezing is the main concern in enjoying the frosty dessert. If you don’t have time to freeze your keto frosty, you should at least keep your mixture for about half an hour. Besides that, keeping the mixture for more than two or three hours in your refrigerator will always be an excellent idea.
  4. If you store the keto frost, you should never exceed one day’s limit. But the best practice would be to make the recipe instant and enjoy it after taking your meal. You can prepare the recipe and then take your meal. In that way, your keto frosty will become chill, and you can serve it after while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Add Keto Frosty to Your Diet?

You can add your keto frosty to your diet without disturbing your health or adding more sugar to your diet. Keto frosty is a part of the keto dessert diet. If you love the keto diet and want to add some dessert, you cannot add the regular desserts. You must go for the keto-friendly frosty. It will give you the best experience of adding keto frosty to your diet plan.

Is Keto Frosty Recipe Healthy & Safe?

Yes, the keto frosty recipe is healthy and safe for your diet. It will not add extra weight to your body; instead, it will keep you fit and enjoy your holidays with something different. You might love to have a cup of frosty every weekend. It’s entirely diet-friendly if you avoid the sugar and add unhealthy things.

How to Make Keto Frosty More Healthy?

You can simply make your keto frosty healthy by avoiding adding extra sugar and a minimum amount of cocoa powder. It’s not like you must avoid the cocoa powder, swerve, and other added things. You can add them with a minimum amount. But don’t exceed the mixture limit and don’t overuse the ingredients.

How do you make Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty?

This delicious dessert is a popular choice for those with a sweet tooth, and it’s easy to see why! The chocolate frosty is smooth, creamy, and chocolaty – perfect for satisfying any craving. In this post, we will give you all of the details you need to know in order to make your own chocolate frosty at home. So what are you waiting for?

Closing Words

If you want to cook a keto frosty recipe, you should decide which method you will follow. You can make the recipe in five different ways with five different ingredients. Among them, the strawberry and pudding keto frosty is my favorite. These two will surely give a new taste to having a cup of frost on your weekend.

I grew up in a small town just chittagong hill tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh. A beautiful place to visit. Food habits are not most common in our area, but I am a foodie and would like to feel the taste of diversity. Also known as a Professional Food and Health Content writer.