Intro Videos can help you Increase your Brand Awareness

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Why Intro Videos for a brand? Content has time and again indeed proved to be King. The soaring heights that can be reached when the right kind of content is released is truly impeccable. What makes content even more interesting in today’s modern world of technology is its variety of formats—each of which has a different advantage for different kinds of brands. Today one can produce content in the form of static images, written work, and one of the most popular forms—making videos.

Videos are one of the most aesthetic as well as engaging ways of creating content and informing as well as interacting with people on a more wholesome level. 

Marketing is one of those sectors in which great content is truly the step up to the success of a business. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise as to why videos would be the chosen format to execute and spread brand awareness about a business that’s at the threshold of its success.

One of the most important tactics that you can start incorporating in your marketing plan is to make intro videos that truly connect with people. For quite some time, intro videos have been a top choice for establishing a certain brand identity whilst keeping potential customers engaged in the content. Intros are mostly used to express your brand in a short and simple way. It shows your brand intro in a few short periods of time.

What Exactly are Intro Videos?

In brief, intro videos are just a capsule of your brand’s nitty-gritty details that you want to communicate to your audience. It usually includes information about how the brand started, what were the initial goals, how you scaled up, and how you plan to proceed. A little glimpse of your staff and behind the scenes is also one of the many narratives that can be incorporated into intro videos.

An intro video usually does not go beyond 30-60 seconds. The shorter and crisper it is, the better the videos. Always keep in mind that the attention frequency of an average viewer is extremely scarce. Nobody has the patience to linger and watch something that doesn’t hold an impression past a minute. So it should be a short and creative thought video with proper explanation of your video.

Moreover, the challenge lies in making a solid intro video with all the important facts about the brand in the stipulated time. That’s what reflects your tenacity for storytelling and how effectively you garner the fleeting attention of your viewers. While making an interesting intro video that first opens the floodgates about your brand to its customers, you have to ponder how this video will be a great representation of the personality that your brand embodies. It’s like letting someone peek into the very ideals that went on to formulate your brand’s foundation and then slowly piqued to its deserved glory.

Benefits of Having Intro Videos for Your Business

Intro videos are usually seen on the official website of brands. It’s the first thing that your audience spots on your brand’s homepage. It kind of offers itself like a roadmap to all those who are visiting your website for the first time or are exploring your brand for the first time.

Intro Videos

Let’s have a look at a few of the benefits of having an intro video:

1. It makes your customer experience more interactive

The idea is to always keep your customers engaged and intrigued. Most conventional websites always have a lot of images and graphics on their homepage because that’s what has been done until now and seems like the ideal option. With newer and more modern technologies and platforms and the increasing opportunities to showcase creativity, you should opt for intro videos.

Indeed, there are still a lot of people who do prefer reading a small snippet on the About Us page of your brand. But be rest assured, most people today are up for watching videos and getting to know about the brand quickly rather than spending time reading anything. This is also due to the reduced attention span of most users. Either way, having videos as a preferred mode of taking customers through your brand’s journey from the time of its inception to its build-up is a strategic move. I would like to suggest Content Marketing too for getting more attentions in the market, it’s required some as video marketing.

2. It’s a practical way of marketing

You’ll be surprised to know how a quick and easy demonstration of what your brand has to offer can do for your brand’s expansion. When people visit your page and find themselves first looking into an intro video, there are always some expectations that come with it because it’s something new and experimental.

Imagine them finding an intro where you passionately show a glimpse into how the brand was made, have a tutorial on how to use the products that you’re selling, or feature clips showing how it has already helped countless people and continues to do so.

The impact of such content is massive and is truly a step up from your conventional ways of churning out factual information about your brand. Intro videos are also a very practical way of promoting your brand and its services. It’s quicker too! Rather than having a page-long blog on how to use your products and mentioning the steps behind them, which not only gets confusing but also boring for a lot of people, it’s always a smart move to start incorporating intro videos which are already gaining a lot of momentum for this purpose.

3. It enables you to create good quality content effortlessly

Creating the best of intros requires music, shapes, and colors, and this is all possible only with the use of the right intro maker. You can use the right intro maker for making the best intro videos. As we all know, editing is the final and the most important step to make the final cut of the video and produce a crisp output.

Editing is the best way to make snazzy intro videos and enhance their quality. Knowing how these kinds of videos have increasing time constraints, it’s paramount that you’re aware of which are the essential parts of the video and which are negligible.

4. It’s the fastest and most interesting way of getting your message out

The mindset of your viewers should be your priority. That’s another advantage that intro videos afford you. They’re not boring, are very crisp, and hence simplify the process of getting your brand’s message delivered quickly and in the most engaging way. This is what makes your audience keep coming back for more details about the brand in the quest to explore more and know more. 

Intro videos have been making their mark felt for quite some time. It’s time to use it to your benefit and ensure that it yields the kind of results and response that it’s being hyped for. Intro videos help the audience to attract towards your brand. By watching the videos it should be felt quite interesting and effective to the audience so they get directly attracted towards the brand and eager to know more about the product and services.

5. Saves time of the Audience

The goal of any video created by a business or brand is to help the audience understand the product and services better for the business.  Videos are the best way to convenience a piece of information since they can deliver a complex piece of information more simply and in a shorter period of time. If the same information was being delivered to the consumer through other forms of content, it would require them to dedicate an amount of time and concentration to understand the same information that they can now understand without putting in much effort. So, the most value is to convenience the consumer.

Always remember to be creative and effective with the videos, as that indirectly determines the growth. People are always more driven towards the things that draw their attention towards that. So, experimenting and making sure that the intro videos to your business videos are creatively presented which should be a checkpoint to make the video.

Thus, creating videos saves the time of the audience. And intro videos are an even shorter version of the videos that gives consumers a brief overview of your product and services and what they can expect, and hence, it ends up saving a lot of time of your potential work and also for the current viewers.


This basic understanding of intro videos, along with the benefits it imparts, is the first step to starting to know about them, learning more about them, and then seeing how they work for your brand’s awareness specifically. Considering how people are invested in motion graphics today, it doesn’t come as a big surprise as to why intro videos are such a big hit and are on their way to upscale people’s content experiences. So now you know why intros are also important for your brand to get aware easily and interesting to the audience and get eager to know your brand.