Instagram Marketing Strategy Powerful Tips [ 5 Pillars ]

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Are you able to convert your Instagram marketing strategy into sales? If you answered “no” and are in the eCommerce industry, it is time to do soul-searching.

It would be an understatement to say that Instagram is booming in business.

According to Instagram, 60% of users use the platform to search for and find products. Both eCommerce and retail brands are using Instagram to extend their storefronts. Instagram’s status as a central hub for eCommerce sales shows no signs of slowing down. As proof, look at Instagram’s new ad formats and features like checkout on Instagram.

Good news: Instagram has grown so much that it’s now a great time to review your 

Instagram marketing strategy. Below are some Instagram marketing tips that will help brands increase their sales through social media.

5 Instagram Marketing Strategy Pillars You Should Follow Today!

1. Keep to a Product-Focused Content Calendar

First, what should you post?

Product-related posts are a popular type of content on Instagram. While brands want to avoid spamming followers, they should not be ashamed to show off their products. It’s all about the presentation, no matter how cliché it sounds. It’s not enough to post boring photos of your products. Consider how you can showcase what you sell in stylish settings. IKEA, for example, showcases its products through a kind of shopping window.

Instagram Content Calendar

It should include videos in your Instagram marketing strategy. You can make anything, from videos that are loopable and Boomerang-style to eye-catching, entertaining videos.

Even large brands like Swatch produce engaging, playful video content to showcase their products. But user-generated content is the key to Instagram’s success. The double duty of sharing photos from customers is to highlight your followers and show prospects they love your products.

So, product-related posts should be a central part of your Instagram marketing strategy. They shouldn’t be the only content you post, but the brand shouldn’t be afraid to promote itself.

2. Listen to Your Customers

Although it might seem obvious, this is something worth noting. You’ll see more people asking questions and offering suggestions as you increase your Instagram following.

That’s a good thing.

Know your customers

You can use Instagram to answer followers’ questions and help them decide on a purchase. Instagram is a great platform for gathering feedback and understanding what people want from your brand. These valuable insights will help you improve your products and fine-tune the overall strategy for your Instagram marketing. Instagram allows you to use the product details and favourite features of your customers to your advantage. Therefore, one of our features was created.

3. Instagram Stories: Sell with Instagram Stories

Stories are right now the most popular type of content on Instagram. Stories are more than a novelty for retailers and eCommerce brands. Brands have a lot of creative options for promoting their products through stories. You can post a candid selfie off the cuff. You want a polished product photo that includes a call-to-action. Stories let you do both while placing your brand front and centre in your followers’ Instagram feeds.

ShopDisney, for example, encourages its followers to swipe up using the Stories “see More” feature. This awesome feature takes them directly to a product page. MeUndies also has a Stories feed that showcases user-generated content. Keep in mind that Stories is constantly updated with extra features and stickers. It would be best to keep up-to-date with the latest features to apply to your client base. Hot Topic’s open-ended question sticker allows followers to tell Hot Topic what they like best about a fashion show.

Stok uses a quiz sticker for their followers to find out what they like most about their products. This increases engagement and shows that you care about community and conversation and learning about your customers’ needs. These features will help you create compelling Instagram stories and improve your Instagram marketing strategy in the future.

4. Instagram Ads: Promote Your most Popular Products

Once you have mastered your organic Instagram marketing strategy and are comfortable with it, you can move on to paid ads. Instagram’s advertising platform allows you to target specific audiences, scale your promotions and is well worth looking into for eCommerce and retail brands.

Discover Instagram Ads

Saint Chic is a brand that uses Instagram Stories ads as well. This company does an amazing job of showcasing Stories ads’ and entice users with great content. You can also use top-performing Instagram products or posts as the basis of an ad, which will ensure it is successful. Milly has an example of a product carousel that uses photos from their Instagram feed.

5. Rethink Your Posting Frequency

Brands need to post on Instagram to maximize their potential sales regularly. This means that Instagram should be used as a primary platform and not just as a secondary one. You must post when your audience is most engaged to stay in the good graces Instagram algorithm.

Although engagement rates vary based on the industry and location of your business, this Sprout social data can help you determine the best times to publish content. Yes, it can seem overwhelming to post daily. This is especially true for the individuals who are continually trying to cover ground via Instagram Stories. Instead of scrambling for content, brands stick with certain themes to organize their content calendar. For inspiration, here’s a sample content planner:

  • Friday: Write about your upcoming sales
  • Saturday: Find out from your followers how they are spending their weekend
  • Sunday: Upload a product picture.
  • Monday: Send a mem
  • Tuesday: Reframe your customer photo
  • Wednesday: Share your latest story
  • Thursday: Upload a customer photo

A proper customized Instagram feed shows what a varied content calendar looks like in action. This is also a noble example of how creative you can be with your Instagram marketing strategy to build a Solid Social Media Marketing.

Final Words

Finally, what does your Instagram Marketing Strategy look like?

Instagram makes it easy for brands to sell on Instagram. Next Decade all Fastest Growing Industries will take over the Instagram Marketing Strategies. You are likely to have a good understanding of the platform’s landscape. These Instagram marketing tips should have provided you with some inspiration and insight into using Instagram to drive sales. These steps help you create an Instagram marketing strategy for acquiring new customers or showing love to those you already have.