Best Healthy Mushroom Recipes for Weight Loss!

healthy mushroom recipes for weight loss

Healthy eating should be on the top priorities of everyone regardless of if you want to lose weight or not, it is an essential part of living and healthy dieting.

Mushrooms on the other hand are healthy foods for vegans; if veggies don’t scare you, then you should try incorporating these into your healthy mushroom recipes for weight loss. Mushrooms have proteins and are important for good health and recovery of your muscles and also great for reducing blood pressure and also lowering the after effects of a high packed sodium meal; and are heavy on vegan diets and keto diets too.

During autumn and winter, we find various mushrooms at our disposal that have a lot to offer the body. Therefore, take advantage of these healthy mushroom recipes for weight loss article; we leave 21 healthy mushroom recipes for weight loss that you can try at home.

The best main dishes with Healthy Mushroom Recipes

To achieve a complete healthy mushroom recipe for weight loss meal that includes one or more variety of mushrooms, we suggest you try the following different options:

Wild rice with chicken and mushrooms

This dish is perfect for an autumn meal with complex carbohydrates, quality proteins, good fats, and a great variety of vitamins and minerals, and of the healthy mushroom recipes for weight loss, thank you later for this great combo.

Wild rice with chicken and mushrooms

Zucchini stuffed with Serrano ham and mushrooms.

For a light, tasty dinner rich in quality proteins and iron, potassium and B vitamins, we can prepare this dish that uses various seasonal ingredients.

Ibizan recipe for baked chanterelles

Ideal to accompany white rice, quinoa or couscous, this dish offers quality proteins, potassium, iron and magnesium in adequate amounts for the body, this Ibizan recipe for baked chanterelles is one of the healthy mushroom recipes for weight loss there is.

Roast chicken with apples and mushrooms

The mushrooms give flavor and aroma to the chicken and the apples and other ingredients in this healthy mushroom recipe for weight loss, It is ideal for a meal if it is served with some roasted or boiled potatoes.

Boletus, pumpkin and shrimp risotto

I don’t know if I’ve said it on different occasions, but risotto is one of my favorite preparations and even more so when healthy and nutritious variants like this one are achieved, full of potassium, complex hydrates and without many calories, this is one of the healthy mushroom recipes for weight loss.

Vegans medallions mushrooms

It is ideal for replacing meat and burgers quickly without missing quality nutrients. It is a light option rich in potassium, carotenes and B complex vitamins required for healthy living and dieting, and one of the healthy mushroom recipes for weight loss.

Soy and mushroom burgerSoy and mushroom burger

With legumes and mushrooms, we can create this vegetarian alternative to the classic meat burgers. Very tasty, nutritious and equally satisfying, ideal for eating with bread or accompanied by a complete salad. This is one of the healthy mushroom recipes for weight loss, and effective dieting foods out there.

Sauteed cuttlefish and chanterelles

A quick, tasty and very satiating alternative that is ideal for a light dinner, with a minimum of fat, quality protein and potassium.

Cuttlefish with asparagus and mushrooms

In addition to using mushrooms, asparagus station, we can make this dish that goes very well as light or cereal accompanied by some supper, midday meal; light and filling.

Asparagus, mushroom and salmon cake

With complex carbohydrates, complete proteins, fats and a variety of vitamins and minerals, we can enjoy this dish at our work one noon, as it is very suitable to take away from a Tupperware.

Nutritious garnishes with mushrooms

To obtain its high water and potassium content, with low caloric value, you can create any of the following garnishes

Sautéed mushrooms with carrots and chestnuts

To accompany a chicken breast or a simple egg-based omelet, you can create this option rich in calcium, potassium and fibre.

Mushroom and walnut cakeMushroom and walnut cake

Although it could be eaten as a light dinner or an aperitif, this dish is an ideal option to accompany a fish, for example, or some cereal and legume burgers, as it offers quality proteins, iron, potassium, vitamin A and calcium, plus good fats derived from nuts.

Sauteed Brussels sprouts and boletus

To accompany any animal protein in dinner, or a bowl of rice with a legume, we can use this light sauté, rich in potassium, vitamin C and fibre.

Mushroom and watercress salad

With lots of calcium, potassium and vitamin C, this fresh recipe can perfectly accompany meat or even medallions or vegetarian hamburgers based on legumes and cereals.

Lemon Mushroom and Green Bean Stir Fry

Rich in vitamin C, potassium and fibre, this stir fry can be a perfect accompaniment to a grilled chicken or fish breast to complete a nutritious and filling dinner.

Mushrooms au gratin with a touch of thyme and lemon

To accompany a slice of meat, this recipe is very original and tasty, as it will add freshness and fibre to the food, as well as good nutrients.

Sauces, creams and more

In addition to main dishes and side dishes, we can create sauces, starters such as creams and soups, appetizers and other recipes with mushrooms like the ones shown below:

Meat in a variety of mushroom sauce

With different mushrooms, we can make this simple and delicious meat sauce that will increase the volume of the dish without adding almost all calories to it.

Cream of mushroom and leek with ginger

To serve as a first course or as a light dinner if accompanied with egg or chopped ham, this cream will be an enjoyable alternative for a cold night. Some of the restaurants serve similar foods in Toronto Canada.

Linguini with shiitake mushrooms and walnut sauce

A different sauce with good fat, potassium, and a pleasant flavor that can perfectly accompany pasta for a complete meal. We could also use it for rice, potatoes or any cereal.

Noodle and shiitake soup

As a light dinner or a first course, if the portion is small, this soup can offer us good nutrients and, above all, the heat that we usually need at this time of year.

Vegan pate with mushrooms and walnuts

To spread on toast and serve as an appetizer, this vegan pate is an option that will not only please those who do not eat meat because it has an excellent flavor and is an excellent source of good fats, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants.

Final thoughts

Mushrooms are healthy for weight loss and one of the daily requirements for healthy living, we hope that these healthy mushroom recipes for weight loss will aid your weight loss journey and overall healthy eating lifestyle, and can be included in your diet. Stay tuned for more articles like this one.

And you, how do you incorporate mushrooms into the usual table?