Hard Iced Tea Considering for Summer

Hard Iced Teas

Hard Iced Tea is incredibly popular in summer. Studies show that it can help to lower body temperature and prevent dehydration. But what is the difference between normal tea and iced tea? Well, it’s how it’s made.

While hot tea is made with boiled water, iced tea starts with cold water. The ice cubes cool the drink down to a refreshingly cool temperature for your taste buds. Tea leaves are added to the cold water and then brewed for less than five minutes. Different types of teas can be enjoyed with different flavors like ginger, chamomile or fruity teas like peach or raspberry.

Popular Hard Iced Teas in the World (2021)

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The sales of tea are worth over $1 billion annually and there are around 5,000 brands in the market. The world’s most popular tea brand is Lipton.

The popularity of hard iced tea has been increasing in recent years, mainly because people find it refreshing to have a cold drink during summer period. The United States accounts for the largest consumption in the world with Americans drinking almost 2 billion liters every year, while Saudi Arabia comes second with over 400 million liters consumed annually.

  1. Hard Tea Seltzer Lemon Black Tea
  2. Sparking Absolute Vodka
  3. Twisted Tea (194 calories with 12 fl oz)
  4. White Claw Hard Seltzer

Hard Iced Tea Seltzer

Move over coffee, Hard Iced Teas are the new trend in the beverage industry. Hard iced tea is a high growth segment in an otherwise stagnant category with limited distribution and unbranded products. Hard iced tea seltzers have been growing by 10% to 15% annually for the last four years and will continue their trajectory as more consumers trade traditional carbonated sodas for healthier alternatives like seltzer water.

  • Hard Iced Tea Seltzer Nutrition Facts

Hard Iced Tea Seltzer is a healthier alternative to traditional carbonated soda, as it provides essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin c. Hard iced tea seltzers offer an excellent source of antioxidants with only 0-20 calories per serving depending on the flavor. Hard iced tea also offers caffeine free options for those who prefer their beverages without caffeine. Hard iced tea seltzers are available in a variety of flavors including blackberry, raspberry, peach and lemon-lime.

  • Hard Iced Tea Seltzer Flavor Trends

Hard Iced Teas have become popular due to their low calorie content as well as the fact that they offer caffeine free options for those who would prefer not to ingest caffeine. Hard Iced Tea Seltzers are available in a variety of flavors including blackberry, raspberry, peach and lemon-lime. Blackberries have gained popularity due to their high antioxidant content as well as their strong flavor profile which can be found throughout the entire beverage making it an excellent choice for those who prefer stronger tasting beverages with bold flavors. Hard Iced tea seltzers are the perfect choice for those who would like to try something new and exciting, as well as offering an excellent source of antioxidants with only 0-20 calories per serving depending on the flavor.

The Bottom Line

A refreshing drink for summer and there are many types of similar teas you can choose from the market. You can make these tea with fresh or dried fruit. For example, you could put in some strawberries, cherries and raspberries with your favorite black tea to make a delicious strawberry black iced tea! Other popular summer flavor includes lemon and lime flavors. These two popular flavor’s can be made by adding slices of lemon or lime to brewed black or green iced tea.

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