10 Different kinds of Growing Tomato Plants

Let’s discuss about Different kinds of Growing Tomato Plants. To make any dish delicious, the addition of tomatoes is just perfect. Botanically it’s a fruit, but generally, it’s used and eaten like a vegetable. Acutely tomatoes considered a major dietary source of antioxidants, vitamin C, minerals and linked up with many health benefits. That’s why the uses of tomatoes are versatile and great for roasting, sautéing, grilling even making healthy snacks. You cannot imagine making sauces, salad, sandwiches without out colorful tomatoes.

Therefore, we can see different kinds of growing tomato plants all year. They can grow different types of tasty tomatoes with many subspecies of shapes and flavors. Although red is a mature color, you can see green, orange, yellow, and purple color tomatoes everywhere? Additionally, there are hundreds of tomatoes variety from small-sized cherry to big-sized beefsteak.

Do you know tomatoes are completely among our favorite weight loss foods?

Heirloom or hybrid?

There are 2 types of tomato plants.

Heirloom– heirloom tomatoes are grown from original bred. They tend to have the best taste, color, texture, and you will get some type of tomatoes years after years. The seeds come from true from, and they can be saved without cross-pollinating with other seeds. They have small disease resistance and a limited lifetime.

Hybrid– Hybrid is just the opposite, and their seed can be bred with other varieties f to get the faster result. They are strong disease-resistance and produce lots of tomatoes in a single period of time.

Thus, some common types of tomatoes are:

  • Big Boy
  • Boxcar Willie
  • Purple Haze
  • Beefsteak
  • Brandywine
  • Black Cherry etc.

However, for making pizza, pasta, sauces, I found the best tomato varieties are Green tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, and Beefsteak tomatoes. They are best suited to all recipes and also full of vital nutrients. So, let’s get to know about 10 different kinds of tomato plants, including my favorite lists, and decide how to use this best variety in our everyday cook.

10 different types of growing tomato plants

Grape Tomatoes

Grape tomatoes are crispy and crunchy and half of the cherry tomato size.Grape Tomatoes

It doesn’t contain lots of water and comes in a sweet and tangy flavor. It has an oblong shape and thicker skin. It’s excellent for salad or snacks, especially when roasting them with pasta, steak, fish, or chicken, or other ingredients in the oven. Its meaty texture, candy-like sweetness, and small- size are perfect for to use of skewers.

Thus if you don’t care about juiciness these grape tomatoes might be a great choice for you.

Roma Tomatoes

Out of the different kinds of tomato plants, I like Roma tomato most. Roma tomatoes areRoma Tomatoes quintessentially Italian plum tomatoes and larger than grape tomatoes. It’s not so big enough to make more slices and naturally juicy and sweet. You can make the classic tomato salsa, delicious stew, and tomato paste with this solid choice. Just toss with other ingredients into a blender, and nicely you are done. It’s also a good choice for making sauce, canning, and salad.

Garden-fresh Roma tomatoes are always full of flavors and with a tangy taste. You can try roasting it in the oven to create a super-tasty tomato pesto or bruschetta topping on the top of your pizza or pasta.

Tomatoes on the Vine

Tomatoes on the vine is a high nutrient large size tomato used for slicing. So, you can use it for making sandwiches, Greek-style summer cucumber salad, or any other go-to recipe this summer.

It naturally attached to the vine until it grew up and fully ripened. So, it will get all the nutrients and prolongs their self-life. A ripe red tomato vine is a mainstay of any tomato lover, and you can make sauces, canning, and tomato soup with its sweet fresh juice. So, slice them (salad), blend them (jams), or even eat them as a raw- everything you can do with this vine tomato.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Beefsteak TomatoesAs the name suggested, it’s a large size firm enough tomato with a nice shape and color. Each beefsteak tomato is nearly 182 grams, and it’s exceptional out of different kinds of growing tomato plants. You can make any simple, fast, utterly delicious recipes like bruschetta, hamburgers, and sandwiches with their meaty texture.

It’s available in a variety of colors such as pink, typical red, purple, black, yellow, and yield green. It’s classic tomato with a more intense and thick consistency and compact with lots of seed cavities. So, what’s more, can be expected. It’s a perfect starter for any party meal.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are bite-sized, summary punches juicy tomato with a sifter texture. It comes in red, green, yellow, and black color and is well enough to eat alone. You can use it for making kebabs, skewers, or any types of colorful, sweet, tangy dishes for cooking. Also, you can dry up to eat later if you can’t get enough with the raw snack. Overall the uses of cherry tomatoes are endless, with lots of possibilities.

Green Tomatoes

You will see different kinds of tomato plants like Cherokee green, Heirloom green zebraGreen Tomatoes produce green tomatoes. Almost all types of unripened tomatoes produce green tomatoes, and it’s purposefully harvested. It’s good for making pickles, breading seeds and for cooking also. As it provides perfect green colors, you can use it for frying, slicing, or like other varieties. Before the tomato turned red and ripe, it was collected from the plants and used for a different purpose.

It provides a unique tangy flavor and slightly sour in taste. So you can make more healthy and vegetarian recipes or even hearty mains with these awesome green tomatoes.

Early Girl

As this tomato ripen early before the time, that’s why it’s named Early Girl tomato. It’s a hybrid tomato and smaller than grape tomatoes. It’s a deep red color, juicy, super sweet flavor, and having a forgiving texture. It’s a summer-based tomato, and ripen tomato is big. Almost like a tennis ball with 110-200 gram weight. It’s reliable and prolific for making a salad, rich soups, rich salsas.

Cocktail Tomatoes

Cocktail tomatoes are larger than typical grape and cherry tomatoes and have a sweet, juicy bite. It’s a common traditional tomato for every meal and occasion. You can toss this tomato with other ingredients to give it a bright texture. No matter what you are making, but with its meaty texture, you can create sauces, throw them on the BBQ, and make favorite stuffing for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Sometimes You can feel the BBQ healthy mushroom taste.

Plum Tomatoes

Plum tomatoes are also called paste tomatoes or processing tomatoes. They are widely used for making seeds, sauces and perfect for preserving. So, if you want to eat a tomato in the off-season, you should go for this tomato. They are usually available in round shape, cylindrical shape, and contain more solid content inside. It’s easy to handle in every type of cook and popular for making a salad. Roma and Grape are two widespread varieties of plum tomato.

Cherokee Purple TomatoesCherokee Purple Tomatoes

It’s another heirloom-type beefsteak-style tomato and has a distinctive appearance. It has dance, juicy dark flesh, and smooth, clear skin. It can be enjoyed both in a row and cooked and available in the fall and summer seasons.

As this is an heirloom tomato, its seed is locules and irregularly scattered inside the tomato.


Usually, it remains green in unripe conditions, and instead of red, it becomes yellow or purple in ripening conditions. So, to give a nice look to your favorite pasta, pizza, BLT sandwiches, and salads, you can use Cherokee Purple Tomatoes for the best enjoy.