Gordon Ramsay Tartar Sauce Recipe with Guidelines

Gordon Ramsay Tartar Sauce

If you go to London or Turkey, you must enjoy your seafood with Gordon Ramsay tartar sauce. It’s a regional sauce that you will find in those areas. People can’t even think of having their fish platter without having the tartar sauce. It’s delicious and creamy and enhances the fish’s taste. You may also use this sauce with fried chips and chicken.

Although it’s a Turkey or UK-based sauce, you can make it at home and enjoy having your seafood from different corners. You can make this sauce within 5-10 minutes, and be sure to use the 6-main ingredients for it. You have options to add other herbs and required ingredients; I’d suggest trying the main tartar sauce.

If you like the authentic taste, you can add the herbs to make it healthy.

What Is Gordon Ramsay Tartar Sauce?

Mainly, the Gordon Ramsay tartar sauce is a fish sauce that is famous for increasing the fish taste multiple times. It’s a combination of mayo, pickles, and lime. You will be required to mix other ingredients as followed by your willingness. I will talk about the six essential ingredients that will help get the actual tartar sauce.

Required Ingredients

Six ingredients are the main for making the tartar sauce. If you don’t have any time and want to make an instant sauce for your fish BBQ, you can use the first three ingredients and make the sauce within one minute.

The required ingredients list for tartar sauce:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Lime Juice
  • Sweet Pickle
  • Dill Pickle
  • Onion Powder
  • Sugar

Making Directions

When you have those six ingredients, you can start making this sauce. But the thing is, you can add other ingredients like tarragon, capers, mustard, and parsley. These ingredients are options for you; you can add them or avoid them in making your sauce.

Mix Everything

You need to mix everything one after the other. First, take a small cup or half cup of mayonnaise and add the lime juice, dill pickle, sweet pickles, and other ingredients. You must stir them properly and get the adequately mixed sauce within 2-3 minutes.


After mixing those sauce ingredients, you need to put the sauce into your refrigerator. You cannot use it right after mixing the ingredients.

You can put the sauce for about half an hour in your refrigerator before having it with your BBQ chicken or fish. Mainly, you should prepare the sauce ahead of time and enjoy it when you have fried chicken or any BBQ fish.

Recipe Tips for Tartar Sauce

Apart from following the main recipe direction, you must follow some recipe tips to make your sauce even better. If you don’t like to compromise the authentic taste, you must follow my tips for getting the best tasting tartar sauce.

  1. Use the fresh lime juice to get the best taste of your tartar sauce. If you use the old lemon and make the juice out of it, you will lose the real sour taste. Sometimes, the old lemon juice might ruin the entire sauce.
  2. Don’t use too much mayonnaise to get the creamy thickness. It might ruin the sour taste of the recipe. You can only add half a cup of mayonnaise to make the tartar sauce.
  3. Never use the sauce right after making it. You must refrigerate the sauce for at least two hours. It will increase the thickness and enhance the overall tartar sauce taste.
  4. If you want to use the herbs and parsley, you must cut them into small pieces or dice them accordingly. Don’t blend or use them directly.

Nutrition Facts

Since the tartar sauce is made with mayonnaise and other minor ingredients, you will not get too many vitamins and other nutrients. And, you should never treat this sauce as a healthy diet.

Serving Size: Half Cup

  • Calories 211
  • Total Fat 17
  • Sodium 667
  • Potassium 68
  • Protein 1g
  • Calcium 2%

Is Gordon Ramsay tartar sauce Safe for Health?

The Gordon Ramsay tartar sauce is not entirely safe for health. It contains a high amount of sugar, mayonnaise, and other sweet pickles that are not safe for heart health and other problems. If you overeat the tartar sauce, it will increase the sugar level and might cause some other health issues.

Will Overeating This Sauce Create Health Issues?

Overeating this sauce will create health issues. You cannot enjoy having this sauce every day. If you have the BBQ party once a week, the tartar sauce will become a good treat. Don’t try to have it every day to become healthy and enjoy sound health.

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Final Thoughts

When you make the Gordon Ramsay Tartar Sauce, you should use more ingredients to store this sauce to keep the sauce bottle in your refrigerator and keep it healthy for a long time. You can make this sauce once a month and enjoy it for the rest. It will not get damaged or ruined.

So, follow my tips and enjoy having the tartar sauce with the seafood and enhance the taste. It will give you a blast in your mouth when you bite with this tartar sauce.