First Watch Iced Coffee Recipe

First Watch Iced Coffee Recipe

As a coffee lover, did you experience sipping through the first watch iced coffee recipe? If so, you know how interesting it is. Mainly, iced coffee and cold coffee are entirely different. They share two distinct tastes. As a coffee lover, you should try the proper iced coffee.

Hopefully, you will love the recipe since you can use all the home ingredients to make it. Everything is similar to regular hot coffee. Only the process is different. If you follow my tips, you will make the first watch iced coffee within a while.

Overview of the First Watch Iced Coffee Recipe

The core here is blending the ice with brewed coffee or adding the coffee seeds with boiled water. First watch iced coffee recipe is uniquely made coffee that you can make with coffee, milk, your favorite syrup or extract, and ice cubes. Here the ice cubes could be water cubes or coffee cubes.

Coffee mixed water cubes will give you the best and enhanced flavor. If you love the coffee flavor and want to try the best one, you should use the iced coffee cubes. It’s not that difficult to make the iced coffee cubes. You can do it in some steps.

Apart from that, the syrup, milk, and sugar will depend on your taste. You can add anything and turn the iced coffee more enjoyable. There is no hindrance or restriction; you can customize the recipe and maintain some core tips.

Taste of the authentic iced coffee recipe will beat everything. At least, you will love the process and want to have the recipe too often. It is possible to carry the coffee while traveling or when you need to hydrate yourself. It also brings some nutrients that will help you become healthy.

Recipe Ingredients

  1. Brewed coffee 2 cups (Fresh & Strong)
  2. Sugar ½ cup
  3. Vanilla Extract ½ cup
  4. Milk ½ cup
  5. Water 2 cups
  6. Syrup 4 Tablespoon (Your Favorite One)

Recipe Direction for First Watch Iced Coffee

Now the time has come, and I come with the steps that you need to have to make the first watch iced coffee. Let’s go through all the steps and have a glass of delicious iced coffee.

Step 1: Boil Water & Brewed Coffee

You need to boil 2 cups of cold and freshwater for about 3-4 minutes. Once the water is boiling, you need to add the brewed coffee. Try to add the best brewed and strong coffee to get the best-enhanced flavor. Keep boiling for the next few minutes.

In the meantime, you have to stir the mixture to mix the water and coffee properly. But you need to be careful. It will be better to mix the coffee and thicken the water perfectly. You will get the best flavored iced cubes consequently.

Step 2: Blend the Coffee with Water

If you don’t want to ice the boiled coffee, you can blend it to get the regular taste. My suggestion would be to follow the first step and skip the 2nd. But in extreme situations, you can skip boiled coffee and go for the blended coffee.

You need to clean the blender properly, then add 2 cups of cold water. You may use the refrigerated or frozen water here. Then, pour the two cups of brewed coffee. Only then, blend for about two minutes. You will get a thick mixture of coffee and water blend.

Step 3: Iced the Mixture

When your brewed coffee and water mixture is ready, you need to pour them into the ice tray. You must have the ice tray to make cubed ice in the refrigerator. Take it, and deeply clean it. Remove all the ice cubes, be sure there is no debris on them.

Then, pour the coffee mixture onto those cubes. Once they are filled with the coffee mixture, it is ready to put in the refrigerator. You have to ice them and make the iced coffee cubes. Leave the tray for 12 hours. The coffee mixture will become solid ice cubes.

Step 4: Take a Glass of Iced Coffee & Add Milk

After 12 hours, you can get the ice tray from the fridge. All your coffee mixture must turn into ice cubes. It’s done. Here, you need to pour some iced coffee cubes into a glass. Maybe 5-6 cubes will be sufficient to make a glass of iced coffee.

Then, add half cup of milk. Stir the cubes with the milk for about one minute. Let the ice cubes melt in half. Don’t expect the melt all the cubes; otherwise, they will become tasteless.

Step 5: Add Other Ingredients

Now, you can add syrup, sugar, and vanilla extract. Avoid adding more sugar; otherwise, the taste of the iced coffee cubes will be gone. After adding them, you need to stir for 1-2 minutes. In the meantime, the cubes will also melt half, and you can start sipping through them.

You may add toppings that you like most. Id could be a double layer of chocolate syrup or a few spoons of vanilla extract. You are free to add any coffee-made ingredients to this recipe.

Step 6: Storing

Since you made lots of iced coffee cubes, you cannot use them all at a time. So the refrigerator will be a suitable store. You can use some of the cubes and make your glass of iced coffee within a while.

Keep in mind; you can store the iced coffee cubes for about seven days or a week. Don’t keep the iced coffee for a long time. It will reduce the strong flavor and make it watery. In other words, you can also store the ready-made iced coffee in your fridge.

Thus, you may store the cold coffee only for a day not for a week. And, you have to ice the entire coffee. But, you should never store the ready-made cold coffee.

First Watch Iced Coffee

Nutrients Value

Serving Size Per Person

  • Total Fat 2g
  • Cholesterol 10mg
  • Sodium 107mg
  • Total Sugar 21g
  • Protein 9g
  • Carbohydrate 26g
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

Professional Tips for Iced Coffee Recipe

Besides following the steps and making process, you have to follow some tips to make this recipe. They are worth it, and you can surely follow them to get a better result and a better cold drink.

  1. Don’t follow step two. Step one is the only way to get the authentic taste of the iced coffee recipe. If you follow the First Watch Coffee recipe, you find step one. Step two is to save time. Remarkably, if you are in a hurry but want to make some cubes so that you can enjoy them after dinner or the next day, you can follow step two, skipping step one.
  2. Never try to use iced or stored milk to make the iced coffee. You are already using the iced coffee. If you use iced milk, it will not melt soon; therefore, you won’t be happy to sip through it. On the other hand, fresh milk will enhance the flavor. So, try to use fresh milk.
  3. Don’t add any extra water while making the iced coffee. You already add the water while boiling and mixing. It’s time to add other ingredients and make a delicious mouthwatering recipe. The milk and syrup will melt the ice cubes slowly, and you will get a strong coffee flavor from it.
  4. Restore the ice cubes for about seven days or a week. Don’t leave them for a long time; it will reduce the taste, and you will get watery flavors from the ice cubes. Try to use all the cubes soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the Preparation Time for Iced Coffee Recipe?

It might take 10 minutes to make the first watch iced coffee if you already have iced coffee cubes in the fridge. But when you add the ice coffee cubes making time, you need to add extra 12 hours.

Does the Recipe Good for Health?

Good practice for having a first-watch iced coffee cup once a week is suitable. It is good for your health too. But a regular or daily habit of taking a cup of iced coffee is not ideal for heart health.

Closing Words

First watch iced coffee recipe should no longer be a tiresome process for you. Ten minutes is enough to make this delicious mouthwatering iced coffee at home. From making the recipe to storing, you will find the iced coffee recipe is a life saver in summer.

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