Famous restaurants in Toronto, Canada

Famous Restaurants in Toronto

Are you ready to feast on the famous restaurants in Toronto downtown that constantly put out delicious dishes, provide amazing impeccable service, and pay continuous attention to every top-rated dining experience? However, you will not get plenty of big names, but our list aims to introduce all Canadian to a new brand-new slew of tasty spaces.

So, let’s meet these fining dining establishments that reflect their uniqueness all over the world no matter what’s the budget or mood.

Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen

With the combination of old and new, Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen melds both inside and outside Toronto with its Jamaican food. To get a completely delicious Caribbean cooking-style dining experience, you should visit this famous restaurant in Toronto. It’s not only famous for its home-style cooking, eclectic design, and soulful hospitality but also infused with the vibrancy of warmth of Jamaica’s food, people, and culture.

Chubby's Jamaican Kitchen

Address: 104 Portland St, Toronto, ON M5V 2N2, Canada

You will get a papaya-avocado salad and salty fish fritters as a starter for any meal and traditional healthy Caribbean cuisine as a culinary twist. It particularly achieved a cult-favorite status in jerk food lovers in terms of cocktail drinks. They like to take classic cocktails such as Aperol, Kingston 10, a blend of tequila, Ting grape soda-lime, homemade grenadine, etc., as a Jamaican drink.

Sotto Sotto

Sotto Sotto is a familiar-feeling space for all Italian food devotees as it offers plenty of nooks and crannies of all Italian dishes. It’s candlelit and full of flavorful and filling inventive menus like seafood and wine. So, if you got the opportunity to make dinner, don’t miss out on “Risotto” – a type of seafood which takes 40 minutes to cook and super Tuscans with a combination of frizzy Franciacorta’s. Because these are the incredible foods, they offer for the quality.

Buca Yorkville

This famous restaurant in Toronto is a power-spot sexy restaurant located on the Buca on King Street. Generally, it’s located in the heart of the posh area Yorkville neighborhood in the Four Seasons condo building. Mostly, it’s an impressive place for all Italian people in Canada due to its polished concrete walls, impressive marble bars, and sparkling kitchen. Therefore, the coastal cousin offers a broader selection of food, wine, and seafood, including salumi di mare, Gaspé scallops, Fogo Island cod, Acadian sturgeon caviar.

However, Mr. Giuseppe Marchesini, the wine director, impeccably prepared all fresh and upscale clientele budget-friendly wines, which is truly hard-to-found in any area of Toronto. Furthermore, the cocktail list is also made of adequate Italian spirits and delighted by all inventive trademarks in the Italian tradition.

Richmond Station

For delivering delicious food, excellent hospitality, Richmond Station restaurant owned the “ Top Chef” award from “ Top Chef Canada” winner Mr. Carl Heinrich. Being one of the famous restaurants in Toronto, every dish is a showstopper and sophisticated to manage every dish. From wine, tequila list to beer and beverage, every dish is totally unpretentious, thoughtful, and flavorful.

You can try chilled asparagus soup, slow-cooked smokey black cod served with blanco beans, red pepper rouille, tomato salsa, sourdough, and all types of beer and ciders in limitless amount. Additionally, the full restaurant is also covered with natural daylighting and buzz glow lighting at night. Each space is also made of sleek banquettes, dark wood floors, and a treasure hunt bar so that you can enjoy each and every shine of Richmond Station.


Being located in the Queen Street West at the hustle and bustle Gladstone, Dandylion is an all-time seasonal, cozy, and straight-up chill restaurant you can get easily. To get the plant-focused warmth in the city area like a dashing urban farmhouse, rough-hewn wood floors, shiny marble-topped tables, exposed bricks, and the huge wall of potted succulents, it’s fabulous for providing standouts plates of seafood.

People like to come back again to taste its monkfish blanketed soup, Egg- Mushroom- Savoury Granola, wild rice, various foraged mushrooms, kelp powder, and blend of seeds. Mr. Jason Carter, the co-owner and Chef of Dandylion, likes to refer to all simple dishes by mixing all extraneous ingredients and flavors.


Donna is an unfussy cuisine and provides all hyper-seasonal fresh food you can perfectly expect from all-natural dishes. All the ingredients are confidently having an un-cool approach and prone to change in regular flavor shine. Also, its 30 seats, vintage record player, quirky mismatched plates, and beautiful potted plants have a great community vibe.

Its also famous for home-cooking and come-as-you-are trio of Momofuku alumni and appreciated by all Torontonians. It’s one of the famous restaurants in Toronto for delivering straightforward, thoughtful beer and small wines. It’s true, and you can ask any travelers who have visited Donna and enjoyed lunch or meal or even any perfect espresso. Especially, the steamed green garlic, ham broth, Lancashire cheese sandwich with orange carrot chutney, an indulgent toast lamb liver, and the shrimp salad sandwich are great for a midday and night visit.

Scaramouche Restaurant & Pasta Bar and Grill

Come to the Scaramouche if you truly want to celebrate every atmosphere and incredible view. Located in the gentle hillside, it swears a jubilant sentiment in the dining room and absolutely amazing to celebrate any occasions like birthdays, graduations, marriage anniversaries in their inherent flavors. For the last 35 years, it’s an ethical source of providing civic engagement menus in a food item and suffuses British Columbia caviars, Quebec suckling pig, Ontario AAA beef. Chef and Co-owner Keith Froggett seriously aware of every ingredient and cooking technique and provides a perfect stage for a comprehensively dramatic meal. Thus enjoy incredible The Pacific halibut, chive-verjus butter, mixture of mustard, fava beans, herbs and breadcrumbs, asparagus, and encrusted everything in Scaramouche.

Address: 1 Benvenuto Pl, Toronto, ON M4V 2L1, Canada

Barberian’s Steak House

Barberian’s Steak House celebrated its 60 years in Toronto (1959 – 2019) and made a name as Toronto’s quintessential steakhouse. Why? It is famous restaurants in Toronto for providing top-quality butchered-in-house steaks with a combination of meat, Caesar salad, mashed potatoes, French onion soup, and so on. Few places in Canada can deliver this type of dry-aged, mouthwatering, and standard impressive fine-dining generation- after-generation.

Barberian's Steak House

Photo credit: Sulaiman

Address: 7 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G 1H1, Canada

All types of customers, including sporting heroes, employers, celebrities, politicians, and elegant persons, love to welcome this dining space for its classic photography area and original art of great food and wine.


What do you want from this sexy little hidden restaurant? Lunch, dinner, wine, cocktails, dessert, brunch? It packs every dish in a punch of Mediterranean flavor and emphasis on coastal Italy as this is the biggest famous restaurants in Toronto. Its located in the Indore House boutique hotel and glows all the time with serious foodies.

Address: 15 Charles St E, Toronto, ON M4Y 1S1, Canada

Although the environment here is pretty laid back, you can enjoy grilled halloumi with small chickpea fritters, a healthy shmear of labneh, the roasted sweet potatoes with fresh fishes, the braised rabbit pappardelle, the creamy fire-roasted eggplant, and what’s not here. Overall the whole place is perfect for impressing anyone, especially the seafood lovers because they can get unbelievable the Fogo Island cod with leeks, walnut, and saffron revelation in Constantine only.

La Banane

As the French expression name suggested, “La Banane,” meaning “to put a smile on one’s face,” this is updated exactly the same vibe in city hotspot Ossington Avenue Toronto. It’s not only a fun place for the hot dates, chatty group of friends, and young professionals but also a playful, dramatic place for lunch, dinner, and cocktail parties. You can also consider to hangout with friends Best restaurants in Toronto downtown.

Address: 227 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z8, Canada

Surprisingly its desserts are world-famous, including the Ziggy Stardust Disco Egg, rich chocolate truffle, spicy chilies, apricots, Technicolor-painted chocolate shell, coffee beans in a league. Different drinks such as Banane Royale, a shaken mix of dark rum, egg whites, cream, banana juice, low-proof cocktails, and no-proof mocktails are also the alum of this Toronto’s Momofuku outpost. Even French lunch also is not too stuffy here.

Famous restaurants in Toronto, Canada in 2021
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