5 Best Email Marketing Software for 2023

5 Best Email Marketing Software for 2021

Email marketing software is more than just a way to pitch an offer. It is the perfect solution for meeting high-quality standards. It offers attractive templates, drag-and-drop features, and photo editing. The software also supports responsive formatting. The email builder auto-generates campaign messages and provides previews and auto-saves to meet future needs.

Email marketing software creates a segmented mailing list for different recipients to ensure that content is tailored to their interests. The merge tag feature replaces variables in the message with personal elements that provide a feeling of belonging and significant warmth to the receiver.

The in-built, abandoned cart technology makes it an effective lead convertor. It sends personalized emails to leads and offers them exciting products from their carts. Smart CRM and social media integrations are included, allowing the software to expand its reach. Email analytics and reporting tools track CTRs and dwell time to determine the effectiveness of campaigns. It is more reliable because it complies with all content-sending behavior requirements.

Email marketing softwares that is easy to use can easily reach a targeted audience with permission marketing. Email marketing ( A Beginners Guide) is an integral part of permission marketing. It targets users who have opted in to receive these emails.

5 Best Email Marketing Software for 2023 to Save Time and Money

Below is a list of the best email marketing software that will work for your company.

  • Constant Contact

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses.

Even if your business is starting, email marketing won’t be enough to drive sales for your mom-and-pop shop. Constant Constant understands this and provides more than email marketing tools to help you take your business online.

This platform is your one-stop shop for building your email list, setting up an online store, selling products, and much more.

Key features

  • You can choose from many beautiful email templates that you can edit and then send to your subscribers.
  • Its AI builder makes it easy to create a professional website with no design experience.
  • You can sell your products directly from the site using its e-commerce capabilities.
  • Social media advertising campaigns can increase awareness of your business.
  • Its robust analytics allow you to track the performance of your campaigns in real-time.


You have two options. The Email plan starts at $20 per month and covers all you need to create an effective, basic email campaign. Email Plus plans start at $45/month and provide users with special features like automated email series, advanced marketing, customizable pop-up forms, and much more.

Each plan’s price depends on how many contacts you have. The price of each plan will increase depending on how many people you have added to your contact list.

  • HubSpot

Best All-Inclusive Marketing Automation Tools.

Most of these tools are focused on providing email marketing features for users to grow their businesses. Email alone will not allow users to scale their businesses and realize their full potential.

HubSpot covers many aspects of marketing. You can use the email features of HubSpot to reach and convert the right audience. You will have access to tools to help you improve your inbound marketing strategy.

Key features

  • Use these templates to create and send stunning emails.
  • Analytics and A/B testing can help you optimize the performance of your email campaigns.
  • Personalize your emails by using information taken from the contact records of each subscriber.
  • To increase your website authority, create conversion-focused content on your topic.
  • To achieve the best results, design and test CTA elements for a campaign or page.


HubSpot offers a free plan that includes all marketing tools (emails, landing pages, forms, etc.). You will need to pay $800 per month if you want premium features, additional marketing automation tools, and SEO tools.

Although HubSpot is a more expensive tool, remember that it has many other features. HubSpot is a great tool to help you improve your marketing efforts.

  • ConvertKit

Best Email Marketing Software for Bloggers & Content Creators

Content creators should not worry about setting up email campaigns to increase sales. Not all email software is easy to set up automation and campaigns.

ConvertKit eliminates the guesswork involved in email marketing. ConvertKit provides an easy way for creators and bloggers to create more content that their audience enjoys.

Key features

  • Create landing pages and forms that convert easily
  • Attach content upgrades to your forms to increase subscribers.
  • It’s easy to use and will help you get more done.
  • To generate recurring revenue, create unlimited sales funnels with drip campaigns.
  • Segment your audience to send the emails you want.


ConvertKit offers a free account to 1,000 subscribers. All features are available to you except for the automated funnels, support, and integrates.

This plan contains two courses that will help you get started in your online business. They include creating a digital product and then selling it to your subscribers.

Premium features start at $29/month for the same number of subscribers. ConvertKit will free migrate your existing email list from another platform to ConvertKit’s.

  • Gist

All-in-One Communications Tool for Leads and Clients.

Site owners place a top priority on engaging site visitors. Site owners want to engage with site visitors beyond a sign-up form. They also want chatbot widgets and live chat to increase their chances of getting a reply.

These features are added to Gist’s email marketing features, making it the ideal solution for businesses who want to bridge the communication gap with their audience.

Key features

  • It allows you to create automated and broadcast emails using its email builder.
  • When customers buy your products, please send them to upsell or cross-sell emails.
  • You can simplify communication across channels with one dashboard.
  • Chatbot widgets and live chat are available to answer questions in real-time.
  • To address common issues about your business, create a knowledge base.


Three Gist plans are available. The free tier includes the basic features and two support seats. These will help you manage your chat or inbox.

The Professional plan, i.e., $29 per month, includes five support slots, access to an automated chat trigger, and a lead qualification robot.

The Premium plan ($99/month) grants unlimited support and features to improve internal communications (round-robin assignment, team performance reports, message sneak-peek, etc. You can find out more.

  • MailJet

Best Email Marketing Software for Personalization

It would help if you had an email tool that can manage the emails of your team members.

Mailjet lets you get involved in your email campaigns. You can give your approval before it is sent to your subscribers.

Key features

  • Invite colleagues and give them tasks and roles in your account.
  • Use the locking, comment, and approval features to collaborate on email in real-time.
  • To help you segment your customer’s data, collect any information.
  • For higher conversions, send personalized emails to your subscribers at the right moment.
  • With its API and SMTP relay, you can ensure that your subscribers receive your email messages without any problems.


Mailjet’s free plan allows you to send up to 6,000 emails per month (200 per day) and unlimited numbers of messages. You also have access to the APIs and SMTP relay, as well as an advanced email editor.

Paid plans start at $9.65/month and include 30,000 emails maximum, including premium features like online customer support and segmentation.

Final Thought

You can choose many email marketing platforms from, as you can see in the above list. The best and right email marketing software can make all the difference between a single-digit and double-digit response. It’s crucial to choose the right tool. You can generate and send emails using any email client, regardless of which email provider you use. It is important to remember that every email marketing software has its features, so each software works best for certain use cases.