Easy Side Businesses to Start!

The good times are back – or so you might think based on a recent flurry of upbeat data about the economy and growing consumer confidence. However, though unemployment is down, recent labor market data show an increase in part-time side businesses as companies remain concerned about long-term recovery prospects, indicating that it may not be time to put out the bunting just yet. In this article, I am are going to suggest ideas of some easy side business to start today!

The Simple Dollar began as a side project, believe it or not. Each side business began with a simple goal: recognize a need that could be filled and make money by doing so, and be ready to put in some of your spare time and effort to do so. If you want to transform your spare time and energy into a side company, several options are available to you as an easy side business to start today. The following suggestions are meant to be used as inspiration. You know what digital transformation changed the business game plan.

7 Easy Side Business to Start Today:

1. Start Baby Sitting:

Consider beginning an at-home daycare business if you enjoy dealing with children and the notion of working from home. It’s an easy side business to start today!

Because parents constantly need help with child care and daycare expenses continue to grow, this may be a lucrative idea to start your side business. According to a 2020 analysis by the Centers for American Progress, the COVID-19 pandemic boosted daycare expenditures by 47 percent, while in-home care expenditures soared by 70 percent.

Babysitting is a type of child care that falls short of the state’s requirements for licensure. A license usually is not required to watch one or two children regularly, yet it is more difficult to build into a full-fledged company. This makes babysitting an ideal second job for individuals who enjoy working with youngsters.

2. Work as a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants (VAs) are administrative experts that work remotely for busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and small enterprises. VAs are responsible for scheduling appointments, answering phones, conducting research and data entry, responding to emails, managing social media profiles, and much more.

You’ll need to be highly detail-oriented, have a customer service attitude, and be prepared to master difficult duties rapidly to flourish as a virtual assistant. You must also be able to manage your time effectively and fulfill client deadlines.

While the initial expenditures are cheap, you will need a quiet home office location and a fast Internet connection to be able to respond to customer demands promptly and effectively.

3. Become a part-time Uber or Lyft driver

Becoming a part-time Uber or Lyft driver has quickly become a popular and easy side business to start today. Particularly in larger cities where trips are in great demand. A valid driver’s license, evidence of insurance, and at least one year of driving experience are all necessary.

The amount of money you make depends on where you drive and when you drive, but drivers appreciate being free to choose their own hours. Uber drivers can sign up for Instant Pay, and their earnings will be accessible up to five times a day to a debit card.

Driving for Uber or Lyft is one of the simplest side businesses to start since there are plenty of opportunities if you already have a car.

4. Sell goods on Craigslist or eBay

Selling stuff on eBay or Craigslist is one of the safest methods to get money when you’re in a pinch. Any used objects, such as furniture, home appliances, collectibles, or anything else that isn’t being utilized, can be sold online for a profit.

Many people earn a full-time living selling stuff on eBay, while others have made millions of dollars doing so. This is a simple business to start since, if you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of unwanted goods lying around your house right now that you might sell for money.

If you’re serious about it, you could even do it for others professionally and earn a little percentage on each transaction. You’ll be in terrific condition if you take decent images and write a solid description. It’s the most trendy and easy side business to start today. Anything doing before, you should know about current business trends.

5. Blogging and freelance writing.

There are several ways to make money writing online. Check earning sites like Fiverr, where individuals will pay you to create one-off articles for a few dollars. If you want to make a reputation for yourself, platforms like Medium and Substack can help you do it. It will take time to earn a lot of money, but it’s the way to go in the long run.

Advertising and affiliate marketing are two ways to make money. You may use Shopify to create an online store and sell drop-shipped items, produce an e-book or create an instructional course and sell access to the information through your blog, or start a podcast.

It is simple and affordable to create your own website or blog. Bluehost provides free domain registration and charges as little as $2.95 per month for hosting. So, it’s a good option as an easy side business to start today.

6. Create your own YouTube channel.

Starting a YouTube channel is another home business option.

YouTube, behind Google, is the second most viewed website on the internet, according to Alexa. This implies that if you can generate video material that people desire to see, you can make a lot of money.


You can create a YouTube channel on nearly anything as long as you follow YouTube’s community guidelines. Although starting a YouTube channel is reasonably affordable, you will have a greater chance of success if you employ high-quality equipment. Many YouTubers use a DSLR camera and other devices such as a tripod, several lenses, and an LED ring light.

1. Airbnb is a great way to monetize your extra space.

You may use Airbnb to rent out a room or your full house if you live in a location or townairbnb where people wish to come. Airbnb matches tourists seeking a place to stay with homeowners like you who have available rooms. You may rent a room to a business traveler, a young couple on vacation, or family members who are in town for a reunion.

People who want to rent out a spare room or even their full home might use AirBnB as a fantastic resource. If you’re in need of some quick cash, AirBnB is a viable option. You’ll get reimbursed 24 hours after a guest checks in, which helps to eliminate any possible difficulties or frauds. Some people make their living solely by renting out rooms or entire houses on AirBnB.

Final Thoughts

We have compiled the most attractive ideas of easy side business to start today! There are also plenty of other excellent small business ideas available. Simply consider your abilities and characteristics and come up with a concept that closely reflects them. Then consider what you’re offering, how much you’ll charge, how you’ll locate and attract clients, and if you’ll need a license to do business. You’ll be well on your road to success after you’ve mastered those concepts.

When you’re enthusiastic about something, it’s easy to summon the perseverance you’ll need to keep going when things become rough. Learn how to build a business plan and invest time planning and arranging your company to improve your chances of success. Apply for a small-business grant if you require more funds. You could also wish to network with other company owners in your town or sector to start creating a mentorship and friendship network.