Best Cross Country Running Shoes for Youth

Best Cross Country Running Shoes for Youth

The fitness movement is catching on. More people are attracted to cross country running than ever before.

If you ask young people to choose shoes for cross country running, they will choose popular shoes rather than comfortable shoes. That is why we have put together a review of some of the  best cross country running shoes available for young people. Read on to find out more.

Best Cross Country Running Shoes After 48 Hours Research

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

Here is a great shoe from the Adidas stable. The shoe upper is 100% stretchable made with synthetic material. It is a synthetic mesh that allows the foot to breathe. The sole is made of Cloudfoam rubber. This is great for the foot and prevents foot fatigue. The shoe has laces.

55,449 ratings ratings with 300 Question and Answered are given.

*At the time of publishing, the price was : $37.00

The shoes usually run true to size. However, if you plan to wear thick socks, we suggest you select half a size bigger.

These stylish and good-looking shoes are great as an addition to your collection of sneakers. They are comfortable if you are running errands or doing some shopping. But as a running shoe, it is not recommended. There is not much support, and vigorous activity like cross country running could lead to foot injuries. A good cross country shoe needs to be durable and strong. This shoe will not be able to withstand the wear and tear of a long-distance run.

This is a comfortable shoe and looks good, but we do not recommend it as a cross country running shoe for young people who are looking for foot support.

Saucony Men’s Kilkenny Xc 9 Flat Cross Country Running Shoe

28 High ratings

*At the time of publishing, the price was : $49.99

Saucony is a trusted brand for cross country runners and athletes. This offering boasts a 100% synthetic upper. The upper is meshed and allows the foot to breathe. The sole of the shoe is carbon rubber with a solid grip. You can order the shoe with or without spikes.

The shoes are true to size. Though we suggest that you order half a size up if you want to wear socks.

Most cross country runners say that Saucony is their go-to brand for cross country running. Like the other offerings from Saucony, the shoe is sturdy and durable for cross-country running. By adding four sikes on the spike plate, you increase your cross-country performance. This is a great shoe for young enthusiasts.

Saucony Men’s Kilkenny Xc 8 Flat Cross Country Running Shoe

Yet another offering from Saucony. This is similar to the previous entry on the list, though this one is the XC 8.

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*At the time of publishing, the price was : $50.31

Like its stablemate, this shoe also boasts of a 100% synthetic upper that offers breathability to the foot. Great for long runs. Your foot will not sweat as much, and the shoes will stink due to the air circulation through the mesh. The outer sole of carbon rubber has great traction, good for any surface. The added attraction is that you can also use spikes on the shoe for even stronger traction.

The reviews for the shoe were generally positive. Most reviewers raved about how comfortable the shoes were and how they were THE shoe for exercising and running. The Saucony Xc8 is a highly recommended beginner shoe for youngsters. It has the required comfort and support for strenuous runs. The strong sole is rugged and can easily be used on any terrain. By adding spikes, you add even more power to your cross country running.

Another favorite from the Saucony collection is a favorite with cross country runners who swear by it. An excellent shoe for young, cross country beginners as well as veterans.

Nike Men’s Jogging Cross Country Running Shoe (PREMIUM)

Nike is a top brand when it comes to sports shoes. However, this is a rather odd-looking shoe and looks a bit clunky to be useful for cross country running. The shape seems too bulky, and the shoe itself looks pretty heavy.

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*At the time of publishing, the price was : $95.85

But do not let the shape fool you. This is another superb offering from Nike. It is comfortable and runs true to size.

The shoe boasts a stylish synthetic upper. It is a mid-ankle, lace-up design for comfort and ankle protection. The ZoomAir cushioning in the forefoot offers excellent comfort. The wide heel provides great support. Despite the clunky look, the shoe is extremely comfortable and offers great comfort and support. The shoes run true to size though it is suggested that you buy a size bigger if you want to use socks.

Even though the shoe looks a bit odd, it is a great shoe for cross country running, and youngsters would love it.

The Bottom Line

There are a wide variety of shoes out there for young people to use on cross country runs. Rather than choosing what everyone else is buying or going in for style over comfort, it is better to base your purchase on user reviews. Happy running!