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How to Clean Microwave with Baking Soda

Cleaning the microwave will be fun if you know how to clean microwave with baking soda. Whatever condition your microwave has, you can get rid of all the dirt and strong stains within a while. Here, the baking soda will remove everything, including the odor.

Baking Soda can make anything good to great within a while. We all have baking soda, so we can efficiently utilize these home ingredients in every way possible to clean anything within the shortest possible time.

Steps to Clean Microwave with Baking Soda

As I said, you can clean your microwave in three simple steps only using water and baking soda. Let’s see what you need for this cleaning process.

  1. Baking Soda
  2. Water
  3. Microwave Safe Bowl

You don’t need anything else except these three components. The first two components are available everywhere, but the third one may not be available. In that case, you may use any bowl that can bear the heat and will not make any mess inside your microwave.

After getting all these things, it’s time to start following these three steps to clean your microwave in 5 minutes.

Mix Baking Soda With Water

You first need to heat your water and boil them for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, add some baking soda until the water gets enough of it to clean strong dirt. You should stir the mixture and wait for a minute.

Remember, you need to use that microwave-safe bowl to make that mixture because you will use this same bowl for cleaning your microwave later.

Place The Bowl in Your Microwave & Run

After making the mixture in that bowl, you must place it in your microwave. Then set the temperature to high, and run it for 4 to 5 minutes. You already use hot water, so don’t put the mixture in for a long time since the water might boil.

Remove & Clean

After 5 minutes, you should remove the mixing bowl and clean the interior with soft microfiber. You cannot use hard clothes or a cleaner to remove the leftover from that mixture because it will leave some strong stains and may further damage the microwave.

You should clean microwave twice unless you remove all the dirt and leftovers properly. Once you are done cleaning your microwave, you should keep it open for a while until the inside water is dried.

Tips to Clean Your Microwave

You can surely follow those three simple steps to clean your microwave in 5 minutes, but you will face the same issues again after a few days. So, it’s better to follow some professional tips to clean your microwave with baking soda.

First off, you should make a routine of cleaning your microwave every week or twice a month. It will give a healthy microwave every time you use it. If you use it every day, you must clean it every week. Otherwise, the microwave will grow some firm dirt you cannot remove.

After that, you must clean your microwave using a safe-microwave bowl that can withstand heat and not damage your microwave skin. If you use any plastic bowl, it may leave a strong odor. So, choose the bowl wisely so it will not make anything bad.

Finally, your microwave should be cleaned before you place the baking soda mixture. You should remove all the leftovers from your microwaves before running them with hot water. Otherwise, the fragments may stick to the microwave skin, which you cannot remove with baking soda.

Is It Safe to Use Baking Soda?

It is 100% safe to use baking soda in your microwave, but using it directly might be a problem since it contains some acidic ingredients. So, it’s always a good idea to use some hot water and a mixture of baking soda to make it a perfect safe cleaner. In that way, you can use baking soda inside your microwave.

Is There Any Other Way to Clean Microwaves Without Baking Soda?

Using hot water and lime juice to clean your microwave without baking soda. Mainly, lime juice will play a similar role as baking soda since lime will also contain acidic materials to deep clean any dirt.

How Often Should I Clean My Microwave with Baking Soda?

You should clean your microwave every week with baking soda to remove the dirt and to make it fresh. It will help you remove the simple stains and not allow them to be there for a long time.

Closing Words

How to clean microwave with baking soda should no longer be a concerning fact for you. I gave you the three simple steps. Besides, I shared my experience cleaning your microwave and gave you some tips you should follow to keep your microwave clean & working.

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