How Many Calories in Cherry Tomatoes?

How Many Calories in Cherry Tomatoes?

Delightfully sweet cherry tomatoes deliver a burst of flavor as a snack, in vegetable salads, or an exceedingly shocking form of each savory and sweet dish. Though usually used as a vegetable, they’re formally a sort of fruit. As a result of they are available from flowers. The cherry tomato was initially cultivated in South America and eventually developed into European and Israeli gardens. They were finally commercialized by British grocery chain Marks & Spencer throughout the 20th century. The store’s owner sought after a brand new wrestle commercialized tomatoes to stimulate customers.

Currently widespread as both a snack or primary meal ingredient, cherry tomatoes are one in all the foremost well-loved kinds of turn out you’ll be able to realize in grocery stores today.

How Many Calories in Cherry Tomatoes? Do You Really know?

Usually Serving Size: 1 Cup of Cherry Tomatoes have 27 calories. We have calculated with the size is 17

What Vitamins Have in Cherry Tomatoes?

  • Vitamin A – 25%
  • Vitamin C – 34%
  • Calcium – 1.1%
  • Iron – 2.2%

How long would it take to burn off 27 calories?

  • By Walking (3mph)  within 7-8 minutes to burn
  • By Running (6mph) It will Take 3-5 minutes to burn
  • By Bicycling (10mph) It will take 4-6 minutes to burn

Health Benefits

Cherry Tomatoes have good health benefits for everyone’s. It gives good health protection and benefits to get taste of Vitamin C. It helps major body functions to get the real actions of it. The nutrient levels for cherry tomatoes it may vary based on the cultivation process and harvesting. You can choose a Healthy Dieting in this year and choose a good health for your body functions.

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