Bourbon Margarita Recipe : A Perfect Cocktail for the Season


A glass of bourbon margarita can do a lot if you know the best possible way to make it. 

Speaking of the best way, there are some tips and tricks you need to follow if you think you have superior taste buds. This article is a piece of good news for you because it’ll elaborate on the easiest yet the tastiest bourbon margarita recipe.

Also, we’ll include the calories and nutritional facts of 100g bourbon margarita and add some bonus tips to make your margarita taste better.

So, are you ready to explore? Well, I assume you’re saying yes.

Bourbon Margarita Recipe : Perfect Cocktail

It’s getting to be that time of year again when we start looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors and Bourbon Margaritas are a great way to do it. This Bourbon Margarita Recipe is perfect for any gathering with friends or family. It is made with fresh squeezed lime juice, agave nectar, tequila, and bourbon whiskey. The Bourbon Margarita Recipe has only three ingredients which makes it easy to mix together in no time at all!

Ingredients (For one serve)

● Freshly squeezed lime (1 ounce)- Why freshly squeezed citrus is preferred is because it lets any cocktail have a fresh, light airiness to it. On the other hand, processed juices are not that light, and their heaviness makes them inferior here.

● Agave syrup (1 ounce)- Agave syrup always works better in cold drinks than honey. So, this sweetener is preferred.

● Silver tequila (1 ounce) 

● Bourbon (2 ounces)- Choose a bourbon that stands up perfectly to the agave flavors and the lime.

● Garnishes- Pink Himalayan sea salt, lime wheel or wedge, fresh sprig of mint.  


Now, to make this mouthwatering bourbon margarita slush, go through the steps below:

● First off, take a margarita glass and rim it using pink Himalayan sea salt. Once done, set the glass aside.

● Then, fill a shaker with bourbon, agave syrup, tequila, fresh lime juice, and put lots of ice on the top.

● Make sure the lid on the shaker is secured and shake it for 30 seconds.

● Add crushed ice to the prepared margarita glass.

● Strain the bourbon tequila margarita into your glass.

● Add garnishes according to your preference and serve.

Calories & Nutrition Facts

By now, you know what to use and how to make a glass of bourbon tequila cocktail. In case you were wondering the calories and nutrition facts of such a tasty drink, this section will help you. 

From 100 g margarita, you get 218 calories. Other nutrients with amounts are added below.

Nutrient Amount
Total fat 0.11g
Cholesterol 0g
Carbohydrate 13.86g
Sodium 383mg
Protein 0.06g
Vitamin C 1.3mg
Potassium 20mg
Calcium 3mg
Iron 0.08mg


Bourbon Margarita Cocktail

Additional Tips to Take Your Margarita to The Next Level

No matter what recipe you follow to make a bourbon margarita, the bonus tips below will help you to make your glass of margarita superior.

  • Although you’ve used crushed ice, keep your margarita glass in the freezer and wait a few minutes. It will help the drink to stay chilled as long as possible.
  • Add fruits if you want a lot more flavor.
  • Blending your margarita at the final stage can make it a super tasty frozen treat.
  • You can also add a beer upside down into the drink if you want a different taste.
  • Elevate your cocktail by adding a frozen popsicle to the margarita.
  • And, if you add bourbon mixers like apple cider, soda water, ginger ale, and coca-cola to make the bourbon taste better.

Using blood orange or tangerine juice makes a light margarita taste even better.