Bob Evans Cranberry Relish Recipe

Bob Evans Cranberry Relish Recipe

Do you want to know how to cook the Bob Evan cranberries relish recipe? Keep reading to get all the necessary instructions.

Nothing can stop you from eating some meat and other rich foods on your holidays. What if you find another excellent accompaniment that will work, like the homemade sauce with your main dish? The Bob Evans Cranberry Relish Recipe is there to serve your friends and family with a mouthwatering delicious sauce.

You can make the cranberry relish recipe within an hour or so. Some steps are there to make things easier. You can make it while spending time with your friends and family; it is not any rigorous process anymore.

Things About Bob Evans Cranberry Relish Recipe

Mostly, people like to make an entire jar of cranberry relish; we will describe the whole process accordingly. If you want to make a small amount of cranberry recipe or sauce, you need to make a list according to the amount. You can follow the ratio as well.

Required Ingredients

  • Cranberry: ½ Kg
  • Butter: 2Spon
  • Sugar: 250gm
  • Curry Powder: 2 Spoon
  • Lemon Juice: 3 Spoon
  • Salt: According to your taste

How to Make Bob Evans Cranberry Relish?

You can use both fresh and frozen cranberries, but the fresh cranberry will, of course, give you a better taste. So, try to get some fresh cranberries from your nearby fruit shop. You might have all the required ingredients, and you are excited to make the cranberry relish recipe.

It’s time to cook the cranberries and make your delicious sauce. Follow the steps one by one and adjust according to your ingredient amount.

Step 1- Cook Cranberries with Hot Butter

You can use a frypan and put it on the stove. Take the butter and melt it first. After a while, you need to add the cranberries. It would help if you used the fresh and regular cranberries here. If you have frozen cranberries, you have to defrost them. You have to cook for 4 to 5 minutes with the hot butter.

Step 2: Add Sugar, Powder, Lemon juice, salt.

You need to add all these ingredients to the fried cranberries on the stove. You don’t need to turn off the stove. Add the sugar first, and try to melt it properly. You can add the lemon juice and the sugar quickly.

After one or two minutes:

  1. Put all the other ingredients one by one.
  2. Add the powder and salt.
  3. Keep in mind you should not add too much salt.

It will destroy the recipe’s taste, but you don’t need to put any water into the pan. You will already get some rinse water from the fruits and other ingredients.

Bob Evans Cranberry Relish

Step 3- Cook on Medium Heat

Now, it’s waiting time; you have to look into the mixture carefully and cook it on medium heat. Don’t hurry; you need to spend some time to cook cranberries and to mix all the ingredients properly. It would help not to let the mixture stick to the frypan. It might damage the taste—Cook for about 10 minutes.

Step 4- Decoration time

After cooking on medium heat for about ten minutes, your cranberries sauce is ready to pour into a glass jar. You have to pour it into a transparent jar to make it attractive. Before pouring into the pot, you need to make the hot sauce normal.

Take a small plate or bowl if you want to serve the recipe right after cooking. Pour some portion of the sauce into it. Let it be excellent for a while. It’s all ready to serve. You can offer your friends and family along with the main dish. Even your child or kids will enjoy having the cranberries sauce with meat.

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Bob Evan Cranberries Relish Recipe Tips

You may follow some tips to make the cranberries relish the dish with a super tasty and fabulous flavor. They are:

  1. Avoid using frozen cranberries to get the optimum taste of the relish recipe. You can buy the fresh fruits from the shop, clean them with fresh water, and cook them.
  2. If you don’t prefer sugar or avoid eating too many sweets, you can use less sugar. It is worth it.
  3. Try to use a minimum amount of salt to enhance the taste of the Bob Evan Cranberries Relish Recipe.

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories-113,
  • Fat-4g
  • Sodium 1gm,
  • Carbohydrate-20g
  • Protein-1g

These amounts are applicable for one person. You will get these amounts if you add some cranberries with the meat or main meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you add the sugar to make the cranberries relish?

Yes, it will change the game here. You will not get the proper sauce taste without adding the sugar. But you can use the sugar-free sweet as well.

How long do the cranberries relish take to cook?

The cranberries relish will take around 30 minutes to cook and prepare. It would be better to have one hour in hand.

Closing Words

We have shown you all the steps and the entire cooking process of the Bob Evan cranberries relish recipe. You need to follow them and enjoy the sauce with your friends and family on holidays or whenever your mood demands a healthy sauce.