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Best Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holders

I personally believe that, you can find Best Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holders for your bathroom. Also, thanks to paper towels for being such a great companion from drying our hands to cleaning up messes in the kitchen. Also, thanks to the paper towel holders that save the paper towels from soiling by liquid or food ingredients.

But the bitter part is, that you can’t just pick a holder and call it the best.

There are factors to determine which product suits all your needs. However, we did the research for you. We went through some tests to gather real-life experiences too. Also, we monitored thousands of users’ reviews and compiled the bright and dark sides of each product.

So, let’s see what are the best under cabinet paper towel holders and what makes them stand out.

The Best Under-Cabinet Paper Towel Holders- At A Glance

#1 Best Overall: Vanwood Self Adhesive Paper Towel Holder

This one is made of high-quality stainless steel but you don’t need to spend more than $12 to buy one. You can mount it under the cabinet or on the wall, wherever you want. Also, it’s self-adhesive plus you can install it using drilling permanently.

#2 Highest Load-Bearing Capacity: SUNTECH Paper Towel Holder

SUNTECH is the best option if you’re thinking of the weight of your paper towel rolls. This product costs higher than others but its quality and function are worth the amount.

#3 Best Quality and Appearance: YIGII Paper Towel Holder Under Cabinet

It’s the costliest option on our list and you might guess how high the quality it possesses. The material, versatility, design, and construction, almost every feature of this product stands out. So, if budget isn’t your concern, it might be an unbeatable option.

#4 Most Versatile: YIGII Paper Towel Holder; 12 Inch Bar

This mid-priced paper towel holder is sturdy enough and the most versatile option on our list. In case, you want an under-cabinet paper towel holder that’s installable on everything including painted walls, go for this one.

#5 Highest in Length: KeeGan 13 Inch Black Paper Towel Holder

This 13” paper towel holder will accommodate huge towel rolls easily. The matte black colour is great-looking and it’s as cheap as under $12. Also, if you prefer aluminium material over stainless steel, this one is what you’d want.

#6 Strongest Adhesive: Taozun Self Adhesive Paper Towel Holder

Taozun’s adhesive works great among the products with a similar price range. It doesn’t cost more than $11 but you’re going to get high-quality bruised stainless steel with some colour options to choose from.

6 Best Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holders- Detailed Reviews

This time, we’re going to share the in-depth product reviews with some useful guides. It will help you choose the right products and use them in the right way.

1. Vanwood Self Adhesive Paper Towel Holder

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The stand-out features of Vanwood Self Adhesive paper towel holder let other products leave the throne. This option keeps a great balance between factors like quality, function, and budget.

Now, who is this product for?

For people who don’t want to drill holes in the cabinets or take up counter spaces, this under-cabinet paper towel holder is exactly what they need.

You simply adhere it with an attached sticky pad, it’s the simplest way to install the holder. Or, if you want to install it using screws, great, just use their provided screws. Do you prefer mounting the holder vertically or horizontally? The good news is, you can do both.

It’s constructed with a stainless steel rod that ensures high durability. Also, the high-quality stainless steel keeps the kitchen rust-free as well.

The installation process is easier than you think. You may not use the screws, yet, it will stay in place. Whenever you want to move it, simply use something like a metal spatula and pry it off (yes, without damage).

Overall, it’s a very sturdy, easy-to-install paper towel holder that comes at a great price point.

  • The screw and adhesive pad meet the installation needs of different situations
  • It serves as a towel rack and a paper towel rack
  • The towel bar is suitable for any kind of (standard to Jambo) paper towel rolls
  • It can bear 15lb of weight
  • The high-quality stainless steel makes it rust-proof, water-proof, and corrosion-resistant
  • The metal part is cheap and it may chip the surface after a period of time
  • It’s very sturdy but it doesn’t hold the paper towel roll snuggly enough

2. SUNTECH Paper Towel Holder

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Here’s another self-adhesive, under-cabinet paper towel holder that’s easy to install. If you are allergic to the hassles of drilling and using hardware for such little stuff, this one will be a great companion for you.

High-quality waterproof stainless steel is used for the rod, frame, and base of the holder. The anti-scratch and anti-rust finish give it a classy look so, you’ll surely love the appearance.

You can choose the holder from three different finishes; black, polished silver, and silver. Also, you can go for either an oval or rectangular mounting plate.

It can handle as heavy as 22 pounds of load. You’ll find the adhesive strong enough but it may loosen up over time. However, if you don’t pull it too hard on the roll, you can enhance its longevity.

Almost any size of paper towel roll will suit the holder because of its long and narrow size.

In case you want to stick the holder to a wall instead of under a cabinet, SUNTECH will serve you well.

Yes, the holder sticks to smooth painted walls but there’s a catch. You can’t remove the adhesive from the painted wall unless you remove the paint. For this, it’s best to avoid installing the holder on painted walls.

However, the installation process doesn’t require any complexity and you can mount the holder both vertically and horizontally.

  • It comes with a better load-bearing capacity
  • The advanced adhesive technology makes the installation easy
  • Premium stainless steel makes it anti-rust, anti-scratch, and waterproof
  • It has a space-saving design
  • Three classy finishes are available
  • Mounting the holder on painted walls may lead to damages

3. YIGII Paper Towel Holder Under Cabinet

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This one is more expensive than the previous two paper towel holders and the quality, appearance, and function are worth every penny you spend on it. You can simply stick the holder to a vertical/horizontal plastic kitchen cupboard surface and forget about any hassle.

It saves counter space and makes your kitchen more organized. Some users select this model because it’s silent (some models make clicking sounds).

The main difference between its design from the previous two products is that it’s not only attached on one side. So, there’s no risk of hanging out the only side of your holder.

I found the adhesive very strong and longer-lasting than most competitors. But some people claim that the adhesive doesn’t work that great. The problem can be with the installation process.

You must install it the right way. Clean the surface and dry it using a hairdryer first. Take the adhesive tape and heat it with the hairdryer before you pull off the paper backing. Finally, place it wherever you want it to be mounted and leave it for 24 hours.

While removing the adhesive tape, use a product like goo gone for having a clean result.

  • High-quality stainless steel material prevents scratch and rust
  • It’s sleek and modern
  • It can hold even jumbo Costco rolls of paper towels
  • It’s easy to swap out the old roll whenever needed
  • Very easy to install if you want to skip drilling
  • It doesn’t stick to all surfaces

4. YIGII Paper Towel Holder; 12 Inch Bar

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This item is very easy to install, cheap, and it adheres to the place nicely. There are some more compelling reasons why this product got so many positive reviews from different users.

One thing that the previous products failed to offer you is mounting the paper towel holder to a painted wall (as there are chances of witnessing the damaged paint). However, you can install this holder on painted walls.

And, yes, you can only use the adhesive instead of drilling the surface. Here’s a real-life experience shared by an Amazon reviewer:

Overall, the installation process only needs a few minutes. But you must be sure where you want to place the paper towel holder because once you peel off the sticker and place it somewhere, the removal process won’t be easy.

To remove the adhesive, you have to use a hairdryer and heat the adhesive. After that, you can simply scratch it using a blade. Who wants such annoyance after just installing something?

About the appearance, you’ll love the brushed metal and sleeker design of the product. The SUS-304 stainless steel is rust-proof and waterproof.

Most people do not like that this holder doesn’t swivel. So, remember that you have to install it in a wider-spaced area so you can slide in a large roll of paper towels.

  • Very easy to install and use
  • Sturdy enough and looks great
  • Suitable for mounting on painted walls
  • The open-ended design makes it easy to change the paper towel
  • The high-quality stainless steel saves it from rust and scratch
  • It might have sizing issues
  • The removing process isn’t easy

5. KeeGan 13 Inch Black Paper Towel Holder

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The 5th of our list is a longer-sized paper towel holder; 13-inch in length. However, it’s one of the least expensive options here. So, be prepared to accept that it’s not the best ever product.

Still, it does the job pretty well. It’s easy to install and applicable for both adhesive and screws. The adhesive design will be useful for smooth surfaces such as metal, marble, wood, and glass.

To install the holder under the cabinet, all you have to do is to press the auxiliary stickers for 3-5 minutes and fix them in place. Then, you should give it 48 hours to let it stick better. If you don’t find it too difficult, use the screws to install the holder on any rough surface.

Unlike other products on our list, this one is made of high-quality Aluminum alloy which is strong and waterproof. However, it’s sturdy but not the sturdiest. You can expect it to bear loads up to 15lb.

You can install it either vertically or horizontally. The double-row hole design lets you install it with a screwdriver and the round edges never hurt your hands.

It’s a multi-purpose paper towel holder that you can install in your kitchen, garage, craft room, pantry, bathroom, or almost anywhere you want.

  • It holds up to 15lb of weight
  • Aluminium material is sturdy and strong enough plus lightweight
  • The 13-inch holder is suitable for huge rolls
  • The double-row hole design is convenient to install using a screwdriver
  • Easy to remove
  • Not the sturdiest option
  • Not suitable for screwing it into walls made of tiles

6. Taozun Self Adhesive Paper Towel Holder

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If you prefer a simple, neutral design, this stainless steel paper towel holder by Tazoon will be your favourite.

You’ll get flexible installation options; vertical or horizontal. And, it’s easy to install this holder under the cabinet or anywhere like on the side of your sink.

No drilling is required, of course. To install it, you just need to peel the protective layer off the adhesive strip. Then, you’ll see how great it works and the paper towel roll stays on. It frees up counter space and looks sleek. There are multiple finishes to choose from black and silver.

The length of the rod is 12 ⅕” which is fine for holding almost any sizing of paper towel rolls. But some users do not like how long the holder looks with a standard-sized kitchen roll.

The SUS304 stainless steel is durable and rust-proof. However, the vertical bar isn’t brushed steel, only the horizontal one is. It’s sturdy enough according to the price point (costs under $12).

Apart from all the positives, some users do not like how the horizontal bar tends to tilt after a few uses. When it tilts slightly downwards, you can’t even tighten it either which might bother you.

  • It gives a heavy and high-quality feel
  • Easily fits large rolls
  • High-quality stainless steel makes it waterproof and rustproof
  • Inexpensive
  • No drilling is required, the adhesive works great
  • It comes with an unclear user manual

Things to Consider While Buying The Best Paper Towel Holder

Before you press the buy button, have a look at some factors you should consider when choosing an under-cabinet paper towel holder.

Materials to Consider

You’ll notice a variety of options when it comes to a paper towel holder’s material. The most common ones are stainless steel, aluminium, wood, bamboo, and metal. We reviewed products that are mostly made of stainless steel because this is the most durable option.

Moreover, stainless steel is corrosion and rust-resistant which will be a big favour for you if you store the holder in the kitchen where it gets frequently wet.

However, stainless steel paper towel holders aren’t dishwasher-safe. Still, you can make it sparkling any time using only a cloth and warm water. Aluminium and other materials aren’t that durable, but they do the job just fine.

Plastic paper towels, on the other hand, are the most inexpensive option and they’re waterproof too. Naturally, they’re the least durable among the other types.

Product Installation

All of the paper towel holders we reviewed are self-adhesive and also, and they come with hardware and screws too. People like me who want to avoid the hassle of the complicated installation process should just use the adhesive. But for permanent installation, using the screws will be better.

Product Design

In most cases, paper towel holders come in a basic design. Most holders consist of nothing but a rod and a base.

Most products on our list have an open-ended design that lets you change paper towels quite easily.

If you explore more, you’ll find more unique features. There are paper towel holders having extra features (e.g hanging hooks, storage shelves, tension arms, etc) that might be useful for organizing, storing, and dispensing paper towels.

Load-Bearing Capacity

If you’re planning to place the holder in your kitchen, the first thing you should seek is whether it accommodates jumbo-sized rolls.

You need a paper towel holder to organize towels perfectly and prevent them from getting dirty or wet by liquids or other foods in your kitchen. What number of towel rolls it can hold will be a helpful factor to organize the towels.

Required Maintenance

How much maintenance your holder requires also matters, especially for people who spend the least time in the kitchen.

As we said before, stainless-steel paper towel holders are not dishwasher safe. So, make sure you clean the holder once a week using a microfiber cloth moistened with warm water.

Other materials like wood or plastic require different cleaning or maintenance methods. You may use a homemade solution of white vinegar and water to clean such materials.


Hopefully, the article helped you find the best under-cabinet paper towel holders. We made necessary comparisons among the best products on the market so you get to know all the pros and cons and select the one product that meets your needs. Happy purchasing!

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