Best Skin Care for Winter Season Reviews

Best Skin Care for Winter Season

Who doesn’t love the beauty of a snowflake? Most of us, right? Yes, winter has its beauty but have you noticed how this season robs your beauty? Skin gets drier for the harsh winter wind and low humidity levels.

And, here comes the need for skincare tips in winter. Well, that’s not a big deal because there are some simple tricks you can follow to stand out in the cold.

To help you out, here’s a detailed guideline regarding the best skin care for winter season. Let’s check it out and make your skin happy this winter!

What’s The Importance of Skincare In Winter?

It’s not only the winter, your skin needs proper care throughout the year.

Still, do you know why your skin gets worse during the winter? The key reason is the significant drop in the moisture amount.

As a result, it creates a tough situation to maintain proper skin moisture. And, it worsens your skin by leading to inflammation. Also, there’s a poor skin barrier to the elements of the winter so you have to give extra attention to your skin.

Speaking of the poor skin condition during winter, you may ask ‘what causes acne in the winter?’. I’ll explain what happens here.

When your skin pores get clogged by dead skin cells or oil, you notice blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples appear.

Since your skin becomes unnecessarily dry in the winter, your body produces more sebum as a response. Sebum is a major component of acne because it’s an oily substance. So, if there’s too much secretion of sebum, the oil makes the skin cells stick together which results in clogging pores. Do you know Manuka Essential Oil helps to grow skin with so many Benefits.

So, these are what happens to your skin during cold seasons. However, you can keep your skin smiling by following some skincare tips. Let’s get to know more about it. After 72 Hours of researching and comparing all models on the market, finds out the Best Best Skin Care Products for Winter Season for you in 2022. Check our ranking below.

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Best Skin Care for Winter Season

Now, you’re going to know 15 essential winter skin care tips that will keep your skin healthy and glowing.

1. User a Moisturizer Right After Washing Your Skin

Most of the Cosmetic Brands are trying to care about skin care, and doing tremendous research for best moisturizer. This is a must. If you think you need a moisturizer only when you go outside, you’re in the dark. Each time you wash your face or hands, it cleans the natural oils (that help to lock in moisture) out of your skin. Therefore, you must replace the oil by using a moisturizer.

A gentle reminder, stock a bottle of moisturizer around you and carry a travel-sized bottle as well when you move here and there.

2. Use Lower-Water Temperatures for Showering

I know, hot showers always sound the best when it’s cold out there but the fact is, it can dry out your skin. Rather, you should opt for using lukewarm water which is less likely to damage your dry skin compared to hot water.

In this case, you can follow a general rule- in case, the water turns your skin red, it’s too hot. Also, be careful while washing your hands, using hot water is also prohibited for such activities.

Cooler water works better to remove germs and they are less irritating to your skin. So, try to skip hot showers at any cost.

3. Avoid Wearing Wet Clothes for Too Long

Wearing wet clothes for too long can irritate your skin and lead to itchiness. Of course, you can walk and play in the snow but you have to be extra careful about removing the wet pants, socks, and gloves as quickly as you can.

4. Apply Sunscreen Regularly

You may ask, ‘Should I apply sunscreen even on gray winter days when I barely can see the sun?!’. The answer is yes. The fact is, snow reflects the harmful rays of the sun on winter days which may multiply your UV exposure.

So, don’t allow the dark to fool you. More than 80% of the UV rays can penetrate clouds which results in damaging the skin. It’s best if you apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen having 30 or a higher SPF.

And, the sunscreen should come with moisturizing and water-resistance ingredients like glycerin or lanolin to the exposed areas of your body.

5. Follow A Daily Skincare Routine

Following a basic skincare routine helps keep your skin healthy. You can choose any skincare routine according to your preference or here’s something you can do if you don’t have enough idea about skincare.

Use a fragrance-free, gentle cleanser to clean your skin twice a day. When you wash the face in the morning, apply a daily moisturizer to lock the moisture afterward. The daily moisturizer can be a light one but choose a heavy moisturizer for the night.

Apply moisturizer on damp skin as it helps the skin to absorb moisture better than totally dry skin.

6. Exfoliate Your Skin on An Alternative Day

As you can guess how important it is to remove dead skin cells in winters. And, exfoliation seems the best possible way to do so. But do it so gently that your skin doesn’t get damaged. Since the skin barrier is already vulnerable to cold and dry weather, exfoliating too often or in the wrong way can make your skin worse.

7. Apply a Hydrating Face Mask Once A Week

Use a winter hydrating face mask, it will make sure that your skin will get the next level of rejuvenation. Applying the mask once or twice a week will work just fine.

In this case, you can choose any mask you want but here’s a simple way to make a homemade hydrating mask within a few minutes.

Take a finely mashed banana and add one tablespoon of honey to it. Then, add one tablespoon of curd to it, and finally, add a few drops of almond oil. The next thing you have to do is to mix the ingredients and apply the mixture onto the face.

Wait until the layer on your face gets dry. Then, use lukewarm water to rinse your face and apply moisturizer afterward.

8. Drink Plenty of Water

It’s not unknown how water keeps your body fresh and active. Dr. Engelman stated that people generally forget to drink water in the winter. But your skin can’t retain moisture well in the winter.

Since the air is drier both inside and outside in winter, water evaporates too easily from your body. For this, keeping your skin hydrated is a must. Drink plenty of water every day. You can even install a humidifier that will manage the moisture level at your place.

9. Take Care of Your Hands And Feet

Do not forget to pamper your hands and feet in winter. Did you know that our hands contain fewer oil glands than the skin on other parts of our body? This is why your hands lose moisture more quickly than other body parts.

This situation leads your skin to crack and itch. So, make sure you apply a moisturizer each time you wash your hands.

Grab a glycerin-based cream to moisturize your feet. Moreover, you should exfoliate the feet’ skin occasionally to make sure that your feet can absorb moisture more easily.

10. Follow A Diet Routine

No matter what the season is, everyone must take care of their diet to have healthy skin. More specifically, you have to eat a lot of veggies and seasonal fruits. Remember that berries have an incredible amount of vitamins and antioxidants that keep your skin healthy in winter. However, you can pick anything from cherries, raspberries, grapes, blueberries, or strawberries.

11. Exercise Regularly

I admit that it’s so hard to leave the coziness and warmth of the blanket but you have to keep yourself in movement all year round. It’s even more important if you love your skin. Workout helps pump up your heart rate. This is how you can ensure pumping more blood to your skin.

It’s a common phenomenon to lose the glow of your skin in winter because the sweat and oil glands in your body constrict at this time. Eventually, it makes it hard for the skin to stay glowing and healthy.

This is why you have to keep working out and keep your body and skin healthy.

12. Choose Your Skin Products Wisely

Are you still using the products that made your skin happy during summers? If yes, you have to pause it for a moment. The thing is, there are some key rules about using winter products. For example, you have to use mild skin care products during cold weather, grab cleansers with moisturizers, and so on. So, make sure what you’re using is the right product for the season.

Final Words

It may seem unfair that your skin gets damaged by the cruelty of winter but hey, it’s a part of nature, right? Since there are ways to fix such problems, why beat your brain out searching for the solutions?

We hope that our piece on the ‘Best skin care for winter season’ helped you understand your skin well. These all are for normal skin types. If you have sensitive skin, it’s better to see a doctor before you apply anything to your skin. Wish you good luck!