Best restaurants in Toronto downtown, Canada

Best restaurants in Toronto downtown

Do you want to feel a wowed dining experience from beginning to end for lunch or dinner in a lovely downtown spot? If you are thinking about the best restaurants in Toronto Downtown, you can join here to know about their incredible food, great service, nice ambiance, and beautiful plating system.

Here is the top 5 brand-new budget-bursting ultimate list for you to go head. You will find every dish is better than the next and has delicious flavor combinations with simple blind tasting menus. So, let’s open the destination list, which is worth the splurge and delivers thought-provoking and thoughtful food. It not only explore a new sense of personality and imagination by providing quality food but also make a consistent feeling about the food, chef, and overall service.

Alo Restaurant

Located in the Charismatic building in downtown Toronto, Alo restaurant offers everything skeptical, including lunch, dinner, and cocktail party with amazing French-inspired dishes to all local foodies. Contemporary, it’s a French restaurant situated in the most corner posh of Queen and Spadina avenue of a third-floor Victorian building. Every scrumptious brunch or dining offers all types of finest seasonal ingredients with multi-course training menus. Certainly, its barroom cocktail features and à la carte menu are classically inspired to all Kriss’ naysayers.

alo restaurant downtown canada

Chef Patrick Kriss first opened the restaurant in 2015 with a high concept of French-inflected cuisine, and soon it becomes Canada’s most spectacular restaurant to all food critics around the world. It’s like an unbelievable train’s dining car where you will meet everyday food cravings from cheeseburgers, lemon meringue, to hot coffee and cocktails. Furthermore, its dry-aged lamb Hokkaido with yuzu, wasabi, and fennel are mainstays and have become a favorite crowd food. Overall, you will feel like an exotic dining up with all-season menus full 30-days and a breathtaking view of restaurant people. They have a very good Pumpkin and Carrot Juice Recipe to make your day more special.

Gray Gardens

If you are roving around the best restaurants in Toronto Downtown, you can just move towards Kensington Market and find out Grey Gardens restaurant. This is exactly the crowded place where all Torontonian foodies like posh west-siders and all restrau-fans come into. Whether you want to pop in the glass of wine or add an extra cocktail to your various spritzes list, you will get a real joy of drinking, which is truly hard-to-found in any drink. Particularly its orange wines, organic Burgundies, and different biodynamic selections will make you feel drink again. So, why don’t you make a plan to spend time with this vintage-style restaurant where you will never feel dowdy?

Along with drink, it also exposed delicious lunch, dinner, and lingering snacks. Although reservations are required for lunch and dinner, you can take snacks any time and enjoy small, medium, and full-sized plates. As Grey Gardens promised not to miss any menu standouts from a wine bar, restaurants, to seafood, don’t forget to eat sweet shrimp with softly compressed watermelon radishes. And if you are a duck-fry lover, then you must eat its dry-aged full Peking-style duck breast, which is served with duck fried rice and homemade sauerkraut. So, come to the bohemian-luxe (address) street and live up with Grey Gardens.


With deep-cerulean hues and flattering muted lights, Dailo is the iconic drama of Hong Kong culture. It’s a French-Cantonese cuisine to all Torontonian foodies located in College Street. Specifically, all DaiLo’s fans feel gorgeous and divine mood when they found this to be the best restaurant in Toronto Downtown.

But what are the top-secret menu features of this sexiest restaurant? Actually, it offers every crowdpleaser’s dishes like lamb’s neck, peppered pork cheeks, jellyfish slaw, truffled pumpkin dumplings, whole fried trout, banana blossom salad, and so on. It not only has dramatic pre-chopped flavorful confit dishes with several dipping sauces, but you will get General Tso sweetbreads in full menu range.

Apart from this, if you like some fizzy, light, citrusy cocktails with refreshing sakes and wine DaiLo always be with you with its tasty smart big flavors menu selection.


Do you love Indian food like sliced paneer with smooth shiitake mushrooms, slow-braised beef ribs with cloves, cardamom and cumin, pistachios, and spinach? Then welcome to the Pukka restaurant, where you will casually get the most forward-thinking and unparalleled Indian cuisine in Canada. Yet it may not be best for a couple of dates or first dates for young people, but to spend time with family members and hanging out with beasties is the perfect place.

Pukka Restaurant

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Address: 778 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 1B6, Canada

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Additionally, it also offers British deserts and boldly flavored drinks such as toffee pudding, chai-caramel goodness with a gooey mound, cocktails, and reasonably priced wine bottles. Therefore if you want to enchant your palette with a typically Indian neat and clean modern dish through decent taste and get a pure surprise, you can come to the best restaurants in Toronto Downtown, the Pukka.

Apart from food, you can also be thrilled by its gastronomic artistry in every space because every floor is full of a romantic, well-furnished, engaging, and energetic environment which you can only feel throughout the time you spend.

Canoe Restaurants and Bar

With over 20 years of challenging history, Canoe restaurants stand just beside the CN Tower and provide adventures, surprising food all over Downtown. With a great impression, you can find amazing tea-smoked duck breast, Quebec foie gras, fresh Pacific fish, and Ontario’s best dairy products. You can also replace your plates with Ontario burrata served with prairie seeds and birch-pickled cucumbers, sumac meringue, pink peppercorn, and poached Niagara pear.

Address: 66 Wellington St W 54th floor, Toronto, ON M5K 1H6, Canada

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The bar area also elegant to spent a happy hour after busy days and created a great expense account for all Canadian cuisine lovers. Because every dish and glasses is filled with the country’s landscape, culture, and history, so, paying high tribute to the people, Canoe provides the finest dining all over the nation.

As Downtown is the main central business district of old Toronto, you can compile the ranking of the above-mentioned restaurants by food critics, lifestyle writers, chefs even bloggers. Like us, certainly, you will find an overall memorable culinary experience in terms of the best restaurants in Toronto Downtown.

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Best restaurants in Toronto downtown, Canada
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