Best Jello Shot Syringe Recipe

Best Jello Shot Syringe Recipe

Are jello shots Syringe your favorite drink? If so, you might want to know how to make best jello shot syringe recipe! There are many jello shot recipes that include different ingredients and variations. The jello shot syringe is a fun way of getting the jello into your mouth without having to use a spoon or fork. These syringes come in all shapes and sizes, but most commonly they are long with 4-6 inches of jello sticking out. This blog post includes an easy vodka jell-o shot recipe for you to try at home! Let’s get started…

Best Jello Shot Syringe Recipe

Jello shot syringes usually come in jello flavors like strawberry, vodka jell-o and raspberry jell-o. For the best jello shot syringe recipe you should use a box of your favorite flavor jello mix with about 750 ml (or 26 ounces) of alcohol such as vodka or rum.


  • jello packet (your favorite jello flavor)
  • 750 ml of vodka or rum (26 ounces)
  • Half cup of Cold water
  • 1 Cup of Boil Water

Best Jello Shot Syringe Recipe Nutrition and Calories:  Protein 0g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate 26g. Vodka jell-o shot syringes are about 25 calories each with no fat.


Making Process

The jello shot syringe recipe is very simple to make. The hardest part of the jello shot syringe process is waiting for it to set!

Pour cold water into a bowl and mix in jello powder until fully dissolved – Add boiling water, vodka or rum – Mix well with whisk until thoroughly mixed (about 30 seconds) – Let jello shot syringes set in the refrigerator for about an hour or until firm – Remove jello from fridge and cut off a small section of your jello mold opening (where you will pour it into)

Inject jell-o through this hole using a jello shot syringe, then add another one to inject more jello into your jello shot syringe. Keep adding until jello shot syringes are full or mold is empty.

best Jello Shot Syringe

Serve cold and enjoy!

Jello Shot Syringe Calories & Nutrition Facts

If you love jello shots then we have some great news for you! Jello shot syringes are very small and easy to eat. They include about 25 calories each with no fat, protein or carbohydrates.

Jell-o Shots Ingredients:

  • Calories 25kcal
  • jello packet (your favorite jello flavor),
  • 750 ml of vodka or rum (26 ounces),
  • Half cup of cold water,
  • one cup boiling hot water,
  • jello powder
  • Protein 0g Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrate 26g
  • Sugar 24g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 29mg
  • Potassium 80ug
  • Vitamin A nil
  • Calcium 14mg
  • Phosphorus 41ug.

What are Jello shooter syringes?

Jello shooter syringes are jello shot syringe recipe, jell-o jigglers and jello pudding pops. Jello shots may be served with a spoon or you can use jello shot syringe for best results.

Jettisoning the mass of alcohol into your eyeballs is not recommended! Don’t try to drink vodka jell-o shot syringes like they’re margaritas (even if it seems like a good idea at the time). Instead, chew them up carefully first so that you don’t choke on the jiggly mixture before you manage to swallow it all down. You could also aim for adding some tasty mixers such as fresh fruit juice and ginger ale which will make these more delicious and refreshing.