7 Best Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Persuasive Tactics Without Hurting Your Pocket

Best Guerilla Marketing Ideas of 2021

Guerilla Marketing as an affordable and effective marketing strategy has been gaining popularity. Creative and unconventional tactics are employed to strategically launch and promote a product or service using unorthodox and inexpensive methods.

Using the element of surprise and ingenuity, guerilla marketing is a powerful tool to leverage your brand and appeal to more customers.

Throughout the years, small and large companies from various industries are seen using guerilla marketing to create buzz and publicity – arousing consumer curiosity and increasing brand popularity.

To help you leverage your business, we have noted seven of the most cost-effective and best guerilla marketing ideas you can employ.

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1. Artworks, Graffiti, and Stickers

Using artworks, graffiti, and stickers to promote your business is another artistic and practical guerilla marketing idea that is cost-effective and impactful. You can gain exposure by utilizing alleys, street walls, street walks, and subways as an artwork canvas.

The busy foot traffic and your brand’s creative approach are an excellent combination for a powerful marketing campaign. However, we highly advise securing the property owner’s permission before painting anything on their walls.

2. Stealth Marketing

Known as undercover marketing, stealth marketing is a guerilla strategy that is true to its name. Using a creative and subtle approach, brands effectively advertise their products without the consumers realizing it. Stealth marketing is an inexpensive and creative way to launch a new product or penetrate a new market.

Product placement is another stealth marketing tactic where companies pay to have their products used by characters in a movie or TV series. One famous example is how FedEx used this tactic in the hugely popular Tom Hank’s movie, Castaway.

3. Public Installations

Outdoor Installations are one of the most common street guerilla marketing. Many big companies construct and install massive and unusual objects in public spaces to create buzz and excitement, especially if a new product or service is about to be launched.

Effective installations are the most attention-grabbing guerrilla idea that focuses on an object as a symbol related to the brand, creating curiosity and making people want to know more.

GET them of Your Dog

4.Pop-up Shops

Pop-up shops are a great tactic to introduce your business and at the same time earn profits, especially for the retail and food business. It is a trend that uses creative, unique, and engaging customer experience, giving greater opportunity for brand exposure with lesser risk.

In 2011, H&M had a successful campaign using the pop-up shop as their guerilla tactic. The Swedish brand installed a traveling pop-up shop for their beachwear line in Hague’s seaside resort. H&M successfully implemented this tactic. They also made a significant charitable contribution by partnering with an NGO to ensure the campaign’s success.

pop up shop of H&M brand

5. Ambient Marketing

Ambient Marketing is a practice where companies place ads in unconventional and unlikely places. It is an advertising campaign where brands create a sense or feeling of something new without interfering with the natural flow of things.

The placement of the advertising material in unusual places creates hype. People are surprised when they see something unexpected. Ambient guerilla marketing requires a unique sense of creativity and innovation to make an impact on consumer memory.

6. Ambush Marketing

We have to say ambush marketing is one tactic that defines guerilla marketing. Like actual warfare, a rival company tries to associate its product with a campaign or event without paying the fees required from an exclusive sponsor.

This strategy permits brands to stray away from the usual tone, style, and content of a traditional advertising campaign. Instead, using subtle references and sly jokes, ambush marketing, if done right, is a powerful medium for excellent product recall.

7. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is one of the best guerilla marketing ideas for online campaigns that can capture audience attention on a massive scale. It involves using low-cost digital content marketing that can spread faster than a virus.

Unfortunately, the success rate usually depends on social media engagement and sharing. The brand has no control over whether the campaign will go viral or not because that decision solely lies on the audience.

Viral Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages

I have checked thousands of Guerrilla marketing strategies in the last couple of days and found them so interesting. It has some advantages and disadvantages if you can take both into your consideration before choosing to move forward with a fired campaign.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Cheap and Budget Friendly.
  • Unlimited Creative Thinking and Funny.
  • High Publicity and Conversation.
  • Push People to see the Campaigns.
  • Mysterious messages can be misunderstood – Leading to a publicity powerhouse effect that marketers drool over.

Final Thoughts

As a creative and unorthodox means of getting a marketing message across, these best guerilla marketing ideas, if well implemented, can effectively impact consumer memory and product recall. As a guerilla fighter, guerilla marketing is a powerful and low-cost tool you can use in taking your business to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get those creative ideas coming, throw in some unusual methods, pick out the best location and start your guerilla marketing campaign.