Best Chinese restaurants in the United States [Reviews]

If you are visiting the United States, you probably have in mind that classic stereotype where you think that Americans only eat hamburgers and fries, which is not true to say about a country of 319 million people, built mainly by movies and international American food chains like Burger King, McDonald’s and KFC, which certainly doesn’t; they represent the culinary culture of an entire country.

There is indeed a peculiarity with the food in the United States: there are very few specialties. Well, you won’t find that in many places in the US like San Francisco for example. Instead, you will find a rich mix of foreign flavors, with a certain innovative character.

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, German, Mexican cuisines, among others, are part of the long list of countries that represent the country’s culinary offering.

Chinese food has become a staple in American food culture; being the most popular race of Asians in the US who open restaurants all over the country, it’s no wonder that their culinary flavors has become familiar to lots of Americans.

From Western dishes to Chinese dishes to more traditional and regional dishes, Chinese food in the US is a great place for locals, and varies from county to county – learn where to find the best Chinese restaurants in the US.

Golden unicorn

From a quiet shopping arcade in the heart of Chinatown, you can access this lively restaurant where carts full of Dim Sum pass incessantly.

During the day you can count up to a hundred different options of these Cantonese “tapas”. True to its name, several golden unicorns decorate the walls of this Cantonese restaurant whose two dining floors are always full.

Golden unicorn

If you visit as a group, try their banquet menu with more than eight dishes such as Peking duck or orange veal, it is simply one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US.

  •  Dine-in·
  •  Curbside pickup·
  •  No-contact delivery
Address18 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002, United States

Shanghai best

Soup dumplings have been gaining popularity in Chinatowns across the United States. Fortunately for Jersey City, Shanghai Best serves some of the best in the area.

Each pasty packet has a balanced ratio of pork filling broth; however, if you’re craving something more, the restaurant also serves some of the best Chinese dishes in town.Shanghai best

It is obvious that not only is their Peking duck or the regional fish from the Chengdu region of China able to satisfy your cravings, it is simply one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US.

Google NOW – 95 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States

Szechuan King’s Palace

If you are in The Heights neighborhood and crave Chinese food, try King Szechuan Palace. Known for its spicy dishes like Szechuan pepper jumbo shrimp and stir fry sliced ​​lamb, the restaurant prepares several authentic Chinese dishes, but has plenty more family-friendly options too, if you’re not in an experimental mood, the place isn’t big, so take-out is a popular option.

While they’re great for dinner, the King Szechuan Palace has a wide variety of options on its special lunch menu.

King Szechuan Palace | (201) 222-6888 83 Reservoir Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307

Taste of North China

Taste of North China is on a mission to bring the best of North China to Jersey City, and while much of the menu looks quite similar to others you’ve seen, its abundant selection of dishes makes it stand out.

There are a variety of noodle dishes and different types of meatballs, and if you’re a bit more adventurous, you can try Chengdu-style pork feet, which is for those who like spicy stuff.

Vegetarians will also be happy to know that there are enough options that it won’t make you feel like veggie dishes are just an afterthought; it is simply one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US.

Google Map: 75 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States

Grand Sichuan

Anyone looking for more than General Tso’s chicken wonton soup should try Grand Sichuan. Just a few blocks from the Grove Street Path station, the restaurant doesn’t shy away from traditional Chinese cuisine, and you will notice it instantly after looking at the menu.

While braised whole fish with hot bean sauce or sautéed Chinese watercress are great options, those with more adventurous palates can try the spicy frog or pickled pork kidney.

Although the prices may be a bit higher than what you would expect from other Chinese restaurants, the quality of the dishes will make it worth your while. It is simply one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US.

Address: 342 Grove St, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States

99 Ranch Market

Originally opened in Westminster, California in 1984, 99 Ranch Market has been the answer to finding quality ingredients for the Asian community, while the chain grocer is predominantly located in California, there are many locations throughout the United States, including Jersey City.

Google Map: 420 Grand St, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States


Created by dim sum master Joe Ng and food expert Ed Schoenfeld, RedFarm brings a greenmarket sensibility to every dish on the menu.

The restaurant’s rustic décor offers a fresh and unexpected alternative to the traditional Chinese restaurant experience.

Choose from a selection of dim sum options, such as crisp veggies and peanut dumplings or a pastrami roll from Katz. Or, opt for the main dish of sautéed black cod with black beans and Thai basil or Chinese broccoli with ‘flower’ shiitake mushrooms.

Address: 529 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014, United States


Established in late 2005, Xi’an is a family business with multiple locations in New York. Signature dishes include l Liang pi, or ‘cold skin’ noodles, pao mo lamb soup, and wide, flat ‘biangbiang’ noodles. Xi’an understands the busy life of a New Yorker, so he has implemented a real-time store traffic meter. This informs potential customers how long to expect.


With a location in Midtown East and another in the Meatpacking District, Tao is also known one of the chic restaurants in New York City.

The focal point is a 16-foot-tall Buddha, while Asian artifacts are displayed on three levels that can accommodate 300 people.

This huge restaurant and lounge offer a prix fixe lunch Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, it offers a dim sum brunch from noon. Tao comes alive at night, yet offers pan-Asian dishes in an atmospheric, nightclub setting. It is simply one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US.


With love from London, Hakkason came with a mission to arouse the tongues of many with its sweet-smelling flavors in 2012.

Housed in a spacious 11,000-square-foot venue, Hakkasan’s impressive interior features Italian marble accents, semi-transparent glass, and mirrors. Signature dishes include truffle-braised egg noodles with enoki mushrooms and sautéed lobster with wild mushroom XO sauce.

Shanhai Asian cuisine

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Shanghai’s Asian cuisine promises hot tea, friendly service, and authentic Chinese cuisine.

Try Xiao Long Bao -, a juicy dumpling stuffed with steamed pork and soup broth. Or, go for the pulled pork with bamboo shoots, the vegetarian simulated duck, or the sweet and sour chicken.

China Blue

Offering vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, there is something for everyone at China Blue. Choose from a wide selection of sweet and savory dim sum dishes, from crab soup buns to rice wine soup and sesame balls.

The interior is charming and rustic, with pastel colors and vintage Asian art adorning the walls.

This picturesque art gives a rather welcoming feeling to visitors who step into China Blue as against the red and gold décor that is known with traditional Chinese restaurants, thus easily making it one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US.

Mr. K’s

Mr. K’s offers dishes from North Beijing, Shanghai dishes from the East, Cantonese dishes from the South, and Szechwan dishes from the West. The menu is varied and features the best of each region to bring the diversity of Chinese cuisine and culture to New York City. Traditional Chinese tea and ceremonial coffee are prepared fresh at the table, turning your meal into a cultural experience.

Jing Fong

Founded in 1978, Jing Fong started as a small venue in New York City. Today, the restaurant has expanded and can seat up to 800 people. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Jing Fong brings you the flavors, textures, and fragrances of authentic Chinese food; it is simply one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US.

Ho yip

Known for its friendly staff, great service, and great Chinese cuisine, Ho Yip is one of the best Chinese takeout options.

This is easily one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US because it infuses modernity in its classic dishes such as the noodle menu, talk about fusion.

Shu Han Ju

From fried pork dumplings to spring rolls, this classic restaurant readily offers it all; general Tso’s chicken, and more.

Conveniently located on 6th Avenue near the Meatpacking District and West Village, the interior of the restaurant is simple, clean, and atmospheric; it is simply one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US.

Burma Superstar

Burmese food has become very popular in San Francisco, growing from an isolated location to several restaurants throughout the city. The star dish at Burma Superstar is the tea leaf salad; it is simply one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US.

Cajun House

You can find southern food all over the United States, the most typical food, and also the one I like the most, is spicy seafood, such as prawns, crabs, and mussels, it is simply one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US.

Ramen Underground

I’m a huge fan of ramen! This Japanese soup is not as easy to cook as it sounds. There are a couple of places to try it in San Francisco, but Ramen Underground might be the best. They have a good deal on Ramen in downtown San Francisco. As an alternative, I love the Halu Restaurant, but it is very small and you have to go with a lot of patience, it is simply one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US.

Ramen Yamadaya

A classic ramen place in the quarter of San Francisco, as a tip, it’s a good idea to book beforehand because the queues at rush hour are crazy. It is not easy to locate because it is on the second floor and you have to climb some stairs. The ramen is wonderful.

Wayfare Tavern

This classic tavern is easily one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US because of its elegant English styled tavern not only that, several dishes can be found there. You should try the Pentaluma Egg Burger, it’s my absolute best, expensive but I promise you you’ll have an experience.

Terra Cotta Warrior

San Francisco has the largest Chinese community outside of China, so the city is full of Chinese restaurants. I would avoid those in China Town, because they got too touristy, and would look for a more authentic experience over those scattered around the city. This is one that I like, it’s not fancy, but you can feel like it’s real. Also can find different BEST foods in the city.

Good Luck Dim Sum

If what you want is to immerse yourself in China, this is your place. It is a small place only for Dim Sum, super cheap and artisan. If you’re looking to eat authentic Dim Sum, this is a good place.

PPQ Dungeness Island

One of San Francisco’s Chinese specialties is the local crab, Dungeness crab, in the batter. It may sound a little weird, but it is delicious. They coat it whole, with the shell and everything, and fry it, the result is a very particular way of eating seafood with a very good flavor.

Sotto Mare

This little restaurant in Little Italy serves some of the best Cioppino in town. This is the most typical food in San Francisco that you should always eat if you visit the city.

Japacurry Food Truck

Food trucks are a huge phenomenon in America. “Cooked in a truck” does not necessarily mean that the food will be junk.

These trucks have evolved over the last decade to offer well-prepared menus, many close to gourmet quality. Japacurry is undoubtedly the first on my list. The chicken katsu curry is just amazing. It is probably one of the best curry sauces you will have in the bay area.

Best Chinese restaurants in the United States
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