The Benefits of Kettlebell Swings Everyday

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are an ideal workout to burn extra calories. You can include this in your workout session right this second if you want to achieve a tighter and leaner figure.

However, these are not everything kettlebell swings offer you. Read the piece on ‘the benefits of kettlebell swings every day’ to get to know the immense changes this workout can bring to your life.

Also, you’ll get to know about some drawbacks(!) of doing this exercise daily, some pro tips to avoid mistakes while doing the swings, and a lot of necessary information related to the topic.

So, tell me you’re ready to dive deep!

The Fundamentals of Kettlebell Swings

For no special reasons, we would like to start with the most fundamental question- what are kettlebells?

Kettlebells are similar to cannonballs in shape that come with a handle at the top. Cast iron or cast steel are the most common materials of kettlebells. Although kettlebells are quite old in the fitness world, fitness enthusiasts have taken it included in their routine very recently.

Anyone can access and practice kettlebell training for taking their workouts a notch higher.

The American Council on Exercise stated that this training offers gym enthusiasts functional and total body fitness in a significantly short period. Scroll down to explore the top 12 benefits of kettlebell swings every day.

12 Benefits of Kettlebell Swings Every day

So, here’s the core part of our discussion- how will you get benefits by doing kettlebell swings? Let’s find out the answers!

1. It’s a Full-Body Workout

No matter what muscles you want or need to work on, kettlebell Swings have got your back. You’ll get the results in your entire posterior chain. You have large muscles running from the neck to the heels of your body.

Here are some examples of your upper and lower body muscles on which kettlebell swings work like a champ:

  • Traps
  • Deltoids
  • Glutes
  • Pecs
  • Hamstrings

So, unlike most workouts and machines, kettlebell swings do not train your muscles individually, instead, they do work on your muscles collectively.

2. Helps with Weight Loss and Build Muscle

Regardless of whether you’re on a weight-loss journey or muscle-building journey, kettlebell swings help you win in both races. It aids you to burn more calories (twice according to the American Council on Exercise) compared to other strength-building exercises. Lateral Trainer Machine also gives for better Weight loss.

There are successful experimental projects about before and after kettlebell swing muscles which confirms how effective this can be to build muscle.

Kettlebell swings are one kind of anaerobic activity like dumbbell and barbell workouts. These exercises use quite a huge amount of energy in a short period to help you become stronger. So, kettlebell swings for a fat loss journey will not disappoint you. I also would like to recommend Lactose Free Protein Powder for Weight Loss.

3. Improves Cardio Fitness

What’s your impression about kettlebell swings for cardio?

I’ll tell you what. Kettlebell swings are great news for people who don’t like to do cardio and strength training separately.

Yes, from here, you go with both, at the same time. It’s great how your body uses oxygen while doing kettlebell swings. It increases your breathing, heart rate, and eventually improves your aerobic fitness.

From different research on different years, researchers stated that kettlebell swings can produce a better cardiovascular response compared to traditional resistance training. Trust me, these exercise also help to improve your kidney health.

4. Goes Easy on Your Back

If you’re searching for a comparatively low-impact way of building mobility and strength in your back, here’s how the kettlebell swings for back pain work. Studies show that kettlebell swings build strain on the spine and it works in the reversed direction of traditional lifts.

Another research shows that people who perform kettlebell swings have reduced muscle sensitivity in their low back and hip areas.

While it’s not strong proof that the workout can reduce back pain. Still, researchers want us to look into the way kettlebell swings help with muscle soreness or low back pain after a workout.

5. Improves Flexibility

If you think that strength training workouts can only make you bulky and stronger and don’t make you flexible, you’re in the dark, I must say.

Still, you shouldn’t necessarily give up on your stretching routine but kettlebell swings work on your posterior chain which ultimately helps you get bendy. There are steps called hip thrusting and swinging motion in kettlebell swings that strengthen your back muscles, elongate your spine, and open up your hips.

6. Builds Power and Athleticism

Can you guess how helpful kettlebell swings for runners can be? There are explosive movements of kettlebell swing that emulate the motions of running, jumping, or lifting more effectively.

So, if you want to improve your explosive strength, kettlebell swings will help you out since it’s a total power move. It boosts your athletic powers within a short period.

7. Improves Core Engagement

Kettlebell training works far better on your core engagement than other exercises. Kettlebell is different from a dumbbell. Since it’s unstable, in order to balance the weight, you need to use your core.

While performing the swing movement, you must engage the core muscles. Eventually, you’ll get stronger abdominal muscles and core so you can be a more functionally fit person.

8. It Is Versatile and Approachable

Kettlebell exercises are always more versatile and safer across skill sets and ages. If you’re a novice to resistance training, you’ll find kettlebell swings less scary compared to powerlifting.

A surprising fact stated by researchers is that 17-pound kettlebell swings can affect similarly to 52-pound deadlifts. Therefore, starting with kettlebell swings is a more convenient, easier, and more appealing option.

9. Makes Your Glutes Stronger

You may already know that the gluteus maximus is the strongest muscle your body has.

But guess what? Many people have incredibly weak glutes and for this, you should know about kettlebell exercises for legs and glutes. Kettlebell training allows you to have stronger glutes and improved explosive strength so you can be more powerful.

10. Helps Improve Agility and Balance

Thanks to kettlebell training for improving our body sensations. So, how does this exercise make you a more coordinated and agile person?

Well, it stimulates biomechanics including the ones of jumping and running, and helps you be a more athletic individual. Also, once you can successfully do a kettlebell workout session, it helps you achieve a positive mindset.

11. Controls Diabetes

Completing a hundred kettlebell swings a day can control your insulin levels. So, it can be an effective way to control diabetes. Moreover, kettlebell swings improve your muscle mass which results in controlling the glucose levels in your blood.

Still, make sure you consult your doctor before starting any workout session if you are diabetic.

12. It’s Low Impact Exercise

Whereas traditional HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) or barbell training workouts may give your joints incredible loads and pressure, kettlebell swings will not do so. Therefore, for people who deal with weak joints and injuries, this low-impact strength training can help them feel better.

12 Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

Are There Any Drawbacks to Do Kettlebell Swings Every Day?

Sadly, the answer is yes. Or, we can call it ‘limitations’ instead of ‘drawbacks’.

It Requires Proper Techniques

Although kettlebell swings look like a piece of cake, following the proper techniques can make you feel puzzled. Since you have to use the entire body, it requires full-body coordination. Thus, chances are you may make mistakes and be deprived of the effective results of kettlebell swings.

If you feel like it’s nothing but swinging the kettlebell up, you are wrong. You must:

  • Use hip hinging movements in order to pull your kettlebell back
  • Maintain an upright torso position
  • Pull the bell up keeping your elbows straight
  • Keep up a tight core all around the movement

You may guess that following each instruction daily can be a bit tricky. But you can do great with regular practice.

There Are Risks of Getting Injured

You can call kettlebell swing a higher-risk exercise because it requires following powerful movements. I mean, you can guess how risky it can be to swing a kettlebell up to eye heights, right?

It may not be possible to control the weight all the time and in case you fail to do so, you may be left with an injury. However, start with a lightweight, try to perfect your form before you include kettlebell training in your everyday workout session.

Kettlebell Swings Require a Good Core Strength Level

Having a decent level of core strength is a must to control a kettlebell up and down. If there’s a lack of sufficient core strength, the exercise will be ineffective or dangerous to you.

What Should You Consider For Kettlebell Swings Every Day?

There are some worth-mentioned points that require your consideration before you set your mind to do kettlebell swings every day.

  • Your Aerobic Endurance
  • Specific Training Program
  • Personal Preference

Your Aerobic Endurance

Before making kettlebell swings your habit, take your current aerobic fitness level into consideration. Be sure about how much time you do need to recover from your workouts.

It’s because our body needs a fair amount of time to recover after any workout. During this period, soft tissues, tendons, and ligaments are strengthened and the damaged muscles are repaired. These help us to gain strength and build muscles.

Your genetics, sleep, diet, and age are related to the time you need for recovery. Let me make it clearer- if you get tired of your regular training program, starting to swing the kettlebell every day will not be a great idea.

On the flip side, if you’re used to working out daily without facing any major issues, recovery may not be a big deal for you.

Specific Training Program

Do you have any ongoing training programs? If working out every day is your habit, you can add kettlebell swings to the routine. But you have to consider the intensity of your training program.

In case, the workout you’re in right now is already too intense and long-term, adding a bunch of swings may seem a big deal for you. Even if the kettlebell is light enough, ultimately, it will add extra volume to your overall workout session.

So, make sure that kettlebell swings do not affect your workouts negatively.

Personal Preference

It may sound trivial but you should consider your preferences, too. Don’t do kettlebell swings every day even if you hate them. It’ll kill your motivation over time.

Things You Should Avoid In The Kettlebell Swing

There are a few things you should know before leaving the page (you can call them additional tips or whatsoever).

  • Do not change your lower back’s position while doing the movements
  • Do hinge movements instead of squatting
  • Never lift the kettlebell using your shoulders or arms, use your glutes instead
  • Do not bend your arms during the movement
  • Do not let your shoulders go loose while doing the movements

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happens when I do kettlebell swings every day?

Answer: Doing kettlebell swings on a daily basis will develop explosive power in the hips, make your lower back healthier and stronger, and strengthen your legs.

Question: What are the single-arm kettlebell swing benefits anyone can get?

Answer: Single-arm version is more advanced because it levels up the stability required by the grip to a higher extent. Although it’s more challenging, it burns fat and helps you build muscle in a short period.

Question: What kettlebell swings alternatives are out there?

Answer: There are other options like hip thrust, sumo deadlift, dumbbell swing, broad jumps, banded pull through, etc that are quite famous as the alternative to kettlebell swings.

Question: How many kettlebell swings should beginners do?

Answer: To begin with, it’s better to keep repetitions of the swings low. 10 repetitions in one set can be enough to start with.

Final Words

And, that’s what we kept for you. Hopefully, you’ve got a crystal clear idea about the benefits of kettlebell swings every day. Whenever you feel adventurous, start using kettlebell swings daily and enjoy the extreme health benefits and fitness it offers.

Still, we recommend you consult with your physician instead of just opening a new door from nowhere. Wish you good luck!