Basic Iced Tea Recipe

Basic Iced Tea Recipe

Tea is a beverage made by steeping dried tea leaves in boiled water and then cooling the water. Originally, it was made from Chinese leaves called Camellia sinensis. It now refers to any drink obtained by adding hot water to loose-leaf tea or teabag.

The drink that we call iced tea is just a cold version of the hot tea that we’ve been drinking for centuries. But this iced tea is different because the temperature drops and the flavors change as well as its color.

How many types Iced Tea Have?

The six types of iced tea are:

● Bottled: iced tea that is sold in a concentrated form and is then mixed with water and chilled.

● Brewed: iced tea that is brewed at the time of consumption and then chilled.

● Cold brew: an alternative to brewed iced tea, cold brew uses less tea leaves than regular brewing methods. Cold brewing requires less time to finish than hot brewing, as it does not require as much energy to heat the water as hot brewing does.

● Instant: pre-brewed concentrate that can be mixed with water and chilled before consumption, this type of iced tea takes the least amount of time out of all three types listed here to prepare.

● Iced green: a type of traditional Chinese herbal medicine that

Recommended 3 Iced Teas for Summer?

Also you can find most popular iced teas in this summer to get powerful refreshment after a long work out.

Basic Iced Tea Recipe and Ingredients

Basic iced tea ingredients includes

  • a pot of water,
  • a cup of sugar,
  • a cup of lemon juice,
  • and a teabag.
  • Mint sprigs for garnish

Preparation and Making Process

In order to make the perfect iced tea, you need to start by boiling some water. You can either use an electric kettle or use your stovetop. Once the water has boiled, pour it into the pot and set it aside for now. In another cup or bowl, mix up four cups of cold water with two teaspoons worth of sugar and one quart-sized container with lemon juice. Once you have those mixed together well, pour that into the iced tea maker machine and then add a single teabag to a large glass container. Remember at last do not forget to add ice cubes as demand.